Nm To In Lbs. [Torque Conversion Calculator 2024]


Well, converting nm to In lbs is a bit difficult when you’re using the traditional calculator. But, it becomes easy if you know the exact values.

The matter becomes simpler if you can take it to a further step by using a special calculator that only converts between these units.

I have previously explained in our torque chart that “Torque” is a rotational force. While in Physics, it is the moment of force, a tendency that rotates a body around its pivotal point. Now, torque has many other units i.e., kg-cm, J/rad, etc.

What is A Newton meter?

But, the unit we’re gonna discuss is the Newton meter. The Newton meter is the SI-derived metric unit of torque and is also called the moment. It is equal to 1 Joule and symbolized as “Nm”.

What is Inch pounds?

On the other hand, the inch-pound is another unit of torque. It is the force of 1 pound applied to 1 inch of distance from the pivot point. Symbolically it is written as In-lbs.

Torque Conversion Calculator

Now, both “Nm” and “In-lbs” are mostly used in physics and when dealing with tools that work on rotatory mechanisms.

Torque Conversion – Examples of Use

In our case, we can take drills as an example even if they are cordless, corded, hammer, rotary, or SDS. They all work on the same principle of torque.

The torque power for all of these drills is represented in Nm format or in In-lbs. It totally depends on the brand or manufacturer on which metric system they rely on.

Why Use The Calculator

In US countries, the metric system used for drills is in Inch-Pounds (In-lbs) while outside of the US, most drill manufacturers use Newton Meter (Nm) as a torque unit.

That’s why it becomes difficult for those folks who are accustomed to the In-lbs system. While the drill or tool they’re getting is with Nm value. So, we have created a simple tool to convert the nm to in-lbs and In-lbs back to Nm.

How Torque Conversion Works

  • 1st – Just get the Nm (Newton Meter) of your drill.
  • 2nd – Add the value to the “Nm Value” section.
  • 3rd – The tool will automatically convert it for you.
  • 4th – The calculator itself gives value in the decimal format as well (135.60).
  •  5th – The slider only gives in digits format (135).

Torque Conversion Calculator

Besides using it for drills, it can be used for all other tools and works that use the same principle.

Nm To In lbs. Slider

Below is the nm to in lbs. conversion slider that works in the left and right direction to auto-convert the torque value.

Newton Meters To Inch Pounds Conversion Chart

Along with the slider is the quick torque conversion chart that’ll give the exact values that you want from nm to In lbs.

Newton Meter [Nm] Inch Pounds [In-lbs.]
.5 nm to in lbs 4.42
.6 nm to in lbs 5.31
1 nm to in lbs 8.85
1.5 nm to in lbs 13.27
2 nm to in lbs 17.70
2.5 nm to in lbs 22.12
2.8 nm to in lbs 24.78
3 nm to in lbs 26.55
3.5 nm to in lbs 30.97
4 nm to in lbs 35.40
5 nm to in lbs 44.25
6 nm to in lbs 53.10
7 nm to in lbs 61.95
8 nm to in lbs 70.80
9 nm to in lbs 79.65
10 nm to in lbs 88.50
11 nm to in lbs 97.35
12 nm to in lbs 106.20
13 nm to in lbs 115.05
14 nm to in lbs 123.9
15 nm to in lbs 132.76
16 nm to in lbs 141.61
17 nm to in lbs 150.46
18 nm to in lbs 159.31
19 nm to in lbs 168.16
20 nm to in lbs 177.01
21 nm to in lbs 185.86
22 nm to in lbs 194.71
23 nm to in lbs 203.56
24 nm to in lbs 212.41
25 nm to in lbs 221.26
26 nm to in lbs 230.11
27 nm to in lbs 238.97
28 nm to in lbs 247.82
29 nm to in lbs 256.67
30 nm to in lbs 265.52
31 nm to in lbs 274.37
32 nm to in lbs 283.22
33 nm to in lbs 292.07
34 nm to in lbs 300.92
35 nm to in lbs 309.77
40 nm to in lbs 354.02
45 nm to in lbs 398.28
50 nm to in lbs 442.53
55 nm to in lbs 486.79
60 nm to in lbs 531.04
65 nm to in lbs 575.29
70 nm to in lbs 619.55
75 nm to in lbs 663.80
80 nm to in lbs 708.05
90 nm to in lbs 796.56
100 nm to in lbs 885.07
115 nm to in lbs 1017.83
130 nm to in lbs 1150.59
160 nm to in lbs 1416.11
190 nm to in lbs 1681.64
230 nm to in lbs 2035.67
250 nm to in lbs 2212.68
300 nm to in lbs 2655.22
350 nm to in lbs 3097.76
400 nm to in lbs 3540.29
450 nm to in lbs 3982.83
500 nm to in lbs 4425.37
750 nm to in lbs 6638.05
1000 nm to in lbs 8850.74


Finally, Let me know if our humble tool helps you in your work. It’ll encourage us to build more tools that can help you in your daily projects.

Nm To In lbs FAQs

Q: How to convert newton-meters to inch-pounds?

Ans: 1 (Nm) Newton Meter is equal to 8.8507457676 (In-lbs.) Inch Pounds. Either you can use Tool Miner’s Calculator or you do it manually. By multiplying any given Nm value with 8.8507457676 (In-lbs.)

Q: Does The Calculator Convert Any Range Of Value?

Ans: The answer is yes. You can put any range of values that you want to convert.

Q: Does The Calculator convert from In-lbs to Nm?

Ans: No, this calculator only converts from Nm to In-lbs. You can check our other tool that converts In-lbs to Nm.

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