Makita Hammer Drill Tool Only XPH07Z Review 2024

Makita Hammer Drill Tool Only XPH07Z Review
  • 2100 RPM
  • 1,090 In-lbs
  • ‎5.54 Pounds
  • BL Brushless Motor
  • 1/2-Inch Chuck Size
  • Drilling, Driving, Hammer
  • 3-Years Tool Warranty

In my previous article, I conducted in-depth research on the best high torque cordless drills in the market, and the Makita XPH07Z ranked in the top 3 among them. So, I have written an in-depth Makita hammer drill tool only XPH07Z review.

The Makita drills are one of our favorite impact drills. Not only do I love them but other handymen and professionals recommend them.

The Makita XPH07Z is made with cutting-edge technology that makes it durable, versatile, and powerful. It has higher functionality, grants superior control, and is reasonably priced compared to others.

It is completely cordless and has a brushless motor to create a maximum torque of 1,090 in-lbs. In addition, two speeds and a variable trigger give you total control while working.

It is best suited for the most challenging DIY Tasks and applications. Such as drilling in materials i.e., wood, masonry, and metal. Plus, it works for mixing mud as well.

Makita Hammer Drill Tool Only XPH07Z Review

Makita XPH07Z Specs

Brand Makita
Model XPH07Z
Torque 1,090 In-lbs
Max Speed [RPM] 2,100
Variable Speed 2-Speed
Working Modes Drilling, Driving, Hammer
Voltage 18v
Motor Type BL Brushless
Chuck Size 1/2 Inch
Chuck Type Keyless
Body Design Lightweight Reinforced Composite
Grip Type Ergonomic
Weight 10 lbs
Battery Included 2
Battery Type LXT Lithium-Ion
Battery Amp 5.0Ah
Charge Time 40 Minutes
Battery Indicator Yes
Work Light Dual LED System
Drill/Driver Kit Yes
Side Handle Yes
Belt Hook Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Our Rating 9.5 / 10

Detailed Makita XPH07Z Review

Makita XPH07 Torque

The Makita XPH07 or XPH07Z drill is not only efficient but also extremely powerful in terms of torque power. It has a maximum of 1,090 in-lbs of torque for tough drilling and driving jobs.

RPM [Two Speeds]

Helping control all that above power is a 2-speed transmission with a variable-speed trigger. The trigger allows speeds of up to 2100 RPM, which is a plus!

You can choose the low-speed configuration to expand the operation hours and control the drill efficiently. Or select the higher speed to perform other challenging duties and applications.

Brushless Motor

The Makita XPH07Z is equipped with BL brushless motors, which are more energy-efficient than brushed drills and can run on batteries for up to 50% longer.

This energy efficiency translates into more robust performance. On the other hand, the brushless motor drill adjusts speed, torque, and power supply to suit the load at hand.

In the brushed vs brushless comparison, the brushed drill requires new brushes every 50 to 60 hours of use, but brushless models do not have brushes that need replacement.

Makita XPH07 Chuck Design

The Makita XPH07Z drill features an industrial 1/2-inch key chuck that provides a firm grip on any tip compared to 3/8-inch drills. Also, the chuck has a recessed lock button that prevents hand fatigue scenarios when drilling for an extended period.

It is good to know that most parts of this drill are metal – including the chuck. Thus, you must take reasonable care when using this drill near abrasion or heat.

Ergonomic Design

The drill body has a Reinforced Composite design. That makes it highly durable for harsh job site environments.

As for inner components The drill’s motor work in a clean operation. It doesn’t make a clack or pulse sound once the operation starts, which adds more convenience when drilling for extended periods.


The overall weight of the drill alone is light, especially if you remove the handle accessory. However, it gets heavy by adding the battery and other accessories.

So, you better consider which accessory you can get rid of before starting your work.

Long-lasting Battery

The drill is compatible with a Lithium-Ion battery that comes with a 3-stage light indicator showing the overall battery status.

It is a long-lasting battery that works relatively for extended periods – compared to other drills on the market.

Rapid Optimum Charger

The Makita battery charger is integrated with a built-in fan to circulate the air during the charging process, which cools down the battery for faster charging.

Overall, this charger gives you a battery that leads its category in terms of charging times, which means that the battery spends more time working and less time on the charger.

Side Handle For Hammer Action

The drill comes with a handle that can rotate to one side or the other. This allows you to find the best position for leverage and efficient use of all that power.

Getting a drill with a comfortable handle makes drilling hassle-free and easy no matter what kind of duty you perform.

Dual LED Lights

The drill features two built-in lights on both sides, so it is suitable to perform any duty in dark or tight spaces, which adds more convenience for the users. The feature is super easy to use with one click and has an auto-shut function after 15 seconds.

  • Relatively quiet drill
  • 3-year tool warranty
  • It comes with a metal ratchet chuck
  • Maximum torque goes up to 1,090 in-lbs
  • Wireless operation for utmost work freedom
  • The battery has a LED charging indicator
  • Powerful BL brushless motor that lasts longer
  • 2-speed transmission with a variable speed trigger
  • The side handle is removable for extra convenience
  • Recessed lock button that helps avoid hand fatigue
  • Drill’s handle is integrated for better grip and leverage
  • Relatively heavy tool
  • Pricey compared to other available drilling kits

What’s Not Included With Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT Drill?

It’s with the “Only Tool” option as you saw. So, I have also reviewed the charger and two Lithium-Ion batteries below for you. Although the good thing is that the drill has an additional attached handle and a belt clip.

Makita BL1850B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery

Makita’s 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion battery recharges faster and works for relatively more extended periods than standard lithium-ion batteries.

The extended working time gives your cordless drill unmatched performance and higher productivity for the most demanding applications. 

Another great feature worth mentioning here is that the Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries resist self-discharge, which means they’re ready to use even after storing them for a long time.

The batteries also feature an LED battery charge level indicator, allowing you to monitor the charge status and keep yourself prepared for a recharge break.

The Makita’s 5.0 Ah battery combines a longer run time with a category-leading charge time of just 45 minutes. Thus, you spend more time working and less time waiting for the battery to be fully charged.

Remember, though; that the 18V LXT® 5.0Ah Battery (BL1850B) is only compatible with tools that have the Star Protection, which is indicated by the Star Symbol or the Yellow Battery Receiver that you find at the bottom of the tool.

Makita DC18RC 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Rapid Optimum Charger

The Rapid Optimum Charger offers many significant benefits for the users of 18V Lithium-Ion cordless tools. 

The charger design is manufactured smartly by having a unique built-in fan that cools the battery by forcing air through the ventilation slots during the charging process for faster charging.

In addition, the charger communicates with the battery’s built-in chip throughout the charging process to optimize battery life by actively controlling current, voltage, and temperature. 

Keep in mind that the charging time depends on the battery model. The charger charges 18V 2.0Ah LXT® batteries in just 25 min., 3.0Ah in 30 min., 4.0Ah in 40 min., and 5.0Ah in 45 min.

Note: The DC18RC 18V LXT Lithium-Ion charger also charges 14.4V Lithium-Ion batteries, and you get a 3-year limited warranty.

Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT BL Hammer Drill Kit Alternatives

The Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT BL Hammer Drill has a great overall value for money. The design has more metal parts than plastic, the handle is super convenient, and the motor power is fantastic.

Overall, it is a heavy drill that is also a bit expensive. So, if it doesn’t match your requirements, take a look at the alternatives below; they might be a better fit for you:

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2803-22 Drill Driver Kit

The Milwaukee tool kit includes all the tools that you need. But with an extra Lithium Ion battery as well.

The Milwaukee 2803-22 has more power than Makita above. It has 1,200 in-lbs of torque with 2000 RPM which grants better fast drilling.

The REDLINK PLUS technology protects from overloads, heating, and over-discharge. The XC5.0 batteries deliver more work per charge.

On the other side, the Milwaukee brushless motor provides more drilling power, and a faster speed when using it for heavy duties.

With a few differences, you might see that this Milwaukee kit is more suitable for your duties than the Makita one. But, again, they are both worthy and powerful.

Ryobi P1813 One+ 18V Lithium Ion 750 Inch Pound Cordless Hammer Drill Power Tool Kit (Includes Battery Charger and Bag)

Like the Makita XPH07Z Hammer Drill Kit, this one includes almost the same tools; the drill, charger, toolbox, and only a single P108 Lithium-Ion battery.

This heavy-duty drill kit works for different applications with drilling and driving types, making it a perfect tool for thick and thin materials like wood, plastic, masonry, concrete, or some metals.

Ridgid TOOL COMPANY R9652 18V Tool Combo Kit (5 Piece)

This tool kit is different and comes with 5 main pieces (along with additional items) that make you control and professionally get any duty done quickly.

You get the R8611503 Hammer Drill, R86035 Impact Driver, R8652 Circular Saw, R8642 Reciprocating Saw, LED Flashlight, 18V Charger, and two ‎Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah batteries.

Additionally, there is a side handle, two bits, a circular saw blade, a blade wrench, a reciprocating saw blade, three belt hooks, a tool storage bag, and a detailed operator’s manual.

Of course, the price of this huge tool kit is high, as it has most of the tools you need in one pocket. But getting each of these tools individually could cost you more!

My Final Verdict To You

The Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT BL Hammer Drill Kit is a favorite for many users and tool enthusiasts.

I was impressed with its power, speed, functionality, ergonomics, and most of all quiet operation. You don’t get annoyed with the loud drilling sound.

But you must take a few breaks every once in a while, as it is a heavy drill compared to other options.

Besides being a high-quality drill, it is a well-performing and versatile tool recommended for everyday use and challenging applications or drilling in tougher materials.

XPH07Z Makita LXT Review FAQs

Q: Does The Makita XPH07Z Kit Has A Charger?

Ans: No, the Makita XPH07Z doesn’t have a charger or battery as it’s a Tool Only variation now. You can buy it separately but, it does have a 3-years warranty.

Q: How Much Does A Makita Drill Weigh?

Ans: The Makita XPH07Z drill weighs about 5.54 lbs without the battery. But by adding the belt clip and battery the weight will obviously increase.

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