Best Air Compressor Oil To Avoid Friction & Wear 2024

Mobil 101016 Rarus 427

Best Overall

  • 1 Gallon
  • Non-Detergent
  • High-Grade Mineral Base Oils
  • Best For Rotatory & Reciprocating Compressors
  • Faster Shipping Service
  • 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty
Campbell Hausfeld MP12

Best Cheapest

  • 16 oz
  • Non-Detergent
  • ISO 100 Compressor Oil
  • Best For Compressors With Campbell Hausfeld Pumps
  • Faster Shipping Service
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Senco PC0344

Best For Oil-Splash Compressors

  • 16 oz
  • Non-Detergent
  • High-Quality Naphthenic Base
  • Best For Oil-Splash Compressors
  • Faster Shipping Service

We can make an interesting analogy of oil poured into moving parts of the air compressor with the fluid present in the moving joints of humans. So, in this analogy, the oil and joint fluid has the same function as a lubricant.

Thus, all these air compressor oils provide a slick layer between the components to eliminate the friction that causes excessive heat generation, and engine wear/tear.

They also sweep the harmful deposits and prevent the formation of sludge again in the future. This improves the overall efficiency and performance of the compressor.

In a nutshell, I’ll summarize the benefits of compressor oils in just a few words…

Benefits Of Compressor Oils

  1. Eliminate friction
  2. Prevents overheating
  3. Reduces wear and tear
  4. Keeps it cooler and quiet
  5. Prevents sludge deposit
  6. Prevents carbon buildup
  7. Helps in run smoothly
  8. High efficiency and performance

That’s why you have to use the best air compressor oil that is compatible and well-suited for your compressor. Our 2024 guide will give you a detailed insight into which oil to choose for your compressor.

Best Air Compressor Oil 2024 [Buying Guide]

Let’s burn some of our brain oil to learn about the crucial characteristics of the best air compressor oil.

Oil Viscosity

Oil with lower viscosity is thin and can be easily poured. They also help to start the compressor quickly in cold weather.

Higher viscosity oils are thick and are suggested for high workload or use at high temperatures.

Here an inevitable question slips into your mind how do we know how thick or thin the lubricant is? But the answer is so simple and is labeled on the lube bottle itself.

On the pack, it is marked as something like “XW-XX.” It is the general notation to represent the viscosity grade of the oil.

“W” stands for winter, and the number preceding it rates the lubricant flow at 0° Fahrenheit. A lower value means a lower concentration of oil in winter.

Value after “XW” specifies the viscosity at 100 °C and characterizes the resistance of oil against thinning in hot weather. The typical value for most compressors is 20 or 30, depending on the season.

A few lubricants are also quantified in ISO ratings. You may have to figure out the equivalent SAE grade.

The oil that is too thick or thin can damage the parts, thus reducing the efficiency and life span of the compressor. Therefore, find the right match for your buddy.


Oil is formulated according to application and usage. Likewise, the additives are also included for each specific use. The lubricant type and operating conditions determine their quantity.

They are put into the base oil to boost its lubricant performance and prolong the equipment’s life. In their absence, the oil would become contaminated, break down, or not be able to protect the compressor parts.

There is an extensive list of benefits of mixing up the additives. I will render a few of them that are of prime importance in simpler words.

Oil additives are viscosity improvers and lubricity enhancers. They are also friction reducers and have anti-wear capabilities.

Additives can also control contamination and inhibit coagulation. Moreover, they are anti-wax to refine the oil and antifoam to prevent the loss of lubrication.

When added, they also anticipate the chemical breakdown of lubricants that prevents the accumulation of oil sludge on the engine parts.

Being anti-oxidant, retard the degradation of oil by reducing the oxidation process. While being anti-corrosion, the additives blockade the rusting of metal parts in the engine.

Operating Temperature Range

The operating temperature range of oil is another vital parameter that can affect the performance of the compressor.

Primarily, this factor depends on the ambient temperature or weather conditions. The heat generated by the compressor also deteriorates the oil condition.

Even the right viscosity oil may not perform well if operated beyond the temperature range. You may consider the suggested temperature range label on the product according to the weather.

In general, you should get a lower-viscosity lube for cold weather to avoid the freezing of oil. Since the lubricants get thinner upon heating during operation, therefore a higher-viscosity oil is needed in the hot summer.

Oil Change Frequency

Oil change frequency is similar to say how often the compressor gets thirsty for oil. This lubricated intake depends on the quality as well as the quantity of the lubricant.

Besides, you have to keep an eye on the condition and level of the oil regularly. Whenever there arises a need to change, you should replenish it without delay. Otherwise, it will break down over time and may cause damage to the movable parts.

Typically how often to change the lubricant depends on the type of compressor and its running. You can also follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacement.

The typical oil exchange duration for reciprocating air compressors is about three months or 700-800 hours of use. For rotating air compressors, the refilling interval is 7000 to 8000 hours of usage.

Industrial air compressors, on the other hand, have a short cycle of about 300 hours of operation for oil changing. However, as a general rule of thumb, the more you use the compressor, the more early you have to change the oil. Yet, this element will also involve the additional cost at times.

Oil Quantity

Oil is like the diet for the compressor, so you should pour it in the right quantity. The size of the compressor will determine this amount. Sometimes you need it in the middle of the job depending on the utilization.

Initially, the small-size compressor demands a few ounces of lubricant. However, the more giant buddies such as industrial compressors may require more than 100-oz.

Pour the recommended quantity of oil for smooth and streamlined performance. Feeding a lesser amount will increase the friction between the movable parts and heat the pump.

It will result in damage to the components and malfunctioning of the compressor. The process of changing the lubricant involves three simple steps unplug, drain, and refill.

Best Air Compressor Oil Reviews 2024

Here, up till now, we were greasing our hands with factors that determine high-quality compressor oils. Time for the next cog in the machine to start working.

Here we have reviewed and determined the best air compressor oil bottles that can smooth out your air compressor’s working. So, without any waiting, let’s begin…

List of Best Air Compressor Oil

Mobil Rarus 427 Compressor Oil, 101016, 1 Gallon [Best Air Compressor Oil Overall]

The Mobil Rarus 427 air compressor oil is synthesized with high-grade mineral base oils and excellent-quality additives. It brings out superior performance for the compressors.

Grade-30 oil is formulated particularly for reciprocating and rotary-type compressors. Low-viscosity oil is perfect to use in the winter season.

It is a non-detergent oil that prevents carbon build-up and reduces the oxidation process. This high-quality Mobil compressor oil comes in a 1-gallon bottle.

  • Faster delivery service
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Best oil for old air compressors
  • Reduce the overall compressor noise
  • Inhibit oxidation and carbon formation
  • Prevent overheating of the compressor
  • Performs extremely well in high humidity
  • Perform well for rotatory and reciprocating compressors
  • Additionally, makes 5 to 10 degrees more compressor cooler
  • Only 1 product damage case due to poor shipping

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Oil, MP12 ST125312AV [Cheapest 30W Non Detergent Oil For Air Compressor]

The ST1253 is a high-quality ISO 100 compressor oil from Campbell Hausfeld. It is perfect for oil-lubricant compressors regardless of their brands and models.

The well-proportional blending of lubricants delivers smooth pumping and helps to get your job done quickly.

Its 30 weight (30w) and single viscosity make it flow easily in hot weather. Being a non-detergent oil, it looks more transparent and lighter.

It helps to prevent valve carbon build-up and oxidation. Thus, it extends pump life and ensures efficient and seamless compression.

It is available in a handy 16 ounces bottle with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Cheaper
  • Non-detergent
  • It is Anti-oxidant
  • ISO 100 compressor oil
  • ‎1-year limited oil warranty
  • The shipping service is quicker
  • Smooth and efficient performance
  • Many manufacturers recommend it
  • Increases pump life by reducing carbon buildup
  • Ideal for compressors that have Campbell Hausfeld pumps
  • Works fine with other compressors such as Craftsman, Husky, etc
  • The viscosity grade is not labeled on the bottle
  • Customer confusion about the size it is 16oz but looks like a 1 Quart bottle

Senco Air Compressor Oil PC0344, 32 Ounce [Best Oil For Air Compressor With Oil-Splash Mechanism]

Senco air compressor oil is a premium-grade compressor oil with a high-quality naphthenic base.

This lubricant is recommended for compressors that work on the oil-splash technique.

The oil is formulated to prevent corrosion and reduce oil sludge accumulation.

Well, lubricates all the movable parts and thus prolonged their life. It comes in a 32 ounces pack.

  • Faster shipping
  • Reasonable price
  • Prevents sludge deposit
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Non-detergent compressor oil
  • Ideal for all oil-splash compressors
  • Helps in reducing overall compressor noise
  • Works fine with other compressors like Makita, Magnum, etc
  • Only 1 product damage incident due to poor shipping

Powermate Air Compressor Oil 018-0060CT, 1-Quart [Best ISO 68 Compressor Oil]

Powermate 018-0060CT is a proficiently engineered lubricant from the world’s industry-leading manufacturer. It is conformed to all the standards of quality offered by Powermate Brand.

It is an all-weather blended ISO 68 compressor oil that can be used for the whole year. It is designed to forestall oil breakdown with the included additives to suppress premature wearing.

This oil from Powermate is non-detergent and offers exceptional protection against rust.

Comes at an affordable dandy price in a 1-Quart bottle that facilitates an oil level indicator.

  • ISO 68 grade
  • Non-detergent
  • All-weather blend
  • Anti-rust capability
  • Antiwear due to the additives
  • Petroleum-based synthetic blend
  • Highly lubricant even in cold weather
  • Helps in the smooth machine running
  • Ideal for large, portable, and small compressors
  • Works well with other compressors such as Craftsman, Campbell, Coleman, Powermate
  • A bit quicker to replace

PowerMate Vx 0180063SP All Weather [Best Synthetic Blend Non Detergent Air Compressor Oil]

Here is another pal from PowerMate. The PowerMate air compressor oil is mainly developed for use in all weather conditions.

It is formulated to resist heat and reduce the accumulation of sludge and carbon.

The supplemented additives help to prevent oil deterioration and also reduce premature wear down.

High-grade factory-tested oil ensures the smoothing pumping without any stress and extends the lifespan of the pump.

They are packed in a 1-gallon container that indicates the oil level.

  • Anti-wear
  • All-weather synthetic blend
  • Additives prevent the oil breakdown
  • Eliminates sludge and carbon build-up
  • Excellent heat control minimizes stress
  • The heat control also grants longer pump life
  • Works well with other compressors such as Harbor Freight, etc
  • Weight is not specified on the bottle
  • Oil is too thin for piston-type air compressors

My Personal Recommendation

If you ask me then I’ll go for the Mobil 101016 Rarus 427. Because I am usually a collector and I have pretty old tools. So, Mobil compressor oil is a wiser choice for me and my old compressor as it is best suited for old air compressors.

Plus, do remember that the compressor oil you buy mainly depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. So, do check the instructions…

Best Air Compressor Oil FAQs

Q: Can I Use Motor Oil In My Air Compressor?

Ans: It is permitted not banned. But, not the wisest option to run your compressor with different viscosities of oil. Although it can get you by but not for long due to the different compositions of both types of oils. Plus, it’ll reduce the air compressor’s performance by causing foaming problems.

Q: What Oil type for Air Compressor in Cold?

Ans: Always choose the manufacturer’s preferred oil. Even if it’s a synthetic blend or a full synthetic oil. For winter, SAE 20 and for summer SAE 30 weight is best suited.

Q: Can I Use 10w30 In My Air Compressor?

Ans: Nope! because the 10w30 contains detergents. The detergents usually stick to the crank and block the ball bearings from lubrication as well as cover up the cylinder head stopping it from cooling down. The 10w30 is compatible with car engines since it cleans the parts. But, it emulsifies in the air compressor.

Q: What is the best ISO 100 compressor oil?

Ans: The Campbell Hausfeld MP12 ST125312AV is the cheapest 30w non detergent compressor oil. It’s an ISO 100 grade oil perfect for oil-splash compressors as well as for other compressors. It prevents sludge deposits, protects internal parts from corrosion, and helps in reducing overall compressor noise.

Q: Is Mobil Rarus 427 air compressor oil non detergent?

Ans: Yes, the Mobil Rarus 427 is a 30 wt non-detergent oil made especially for reciprocating and rotary types compressors. It prevents overheating, oxidation, and carbon formation. Performs well in high humidity and reduces overall compressor noise. It is also ideal for old air compressors.

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