Cordless Drill Torque Chart [2021 Ultimate Infographic]

Whenever you are on the hunt for a cordless drill. One of the specs you look for in the drill is higher penetration power with speed. This twisting force is referred to as Torque. Torque is often used as a gauge system for determining how efficiently a cordless drill can work.

Many of the beginners put this crucial element on the sidelines. As a result, they end up with a useless drill. Such as broken or damaged drill. The reason, work becomes too heavy for the drill to handle.

And there’s always been the issue of which company drill should I pick up. We, folks, like to pick up the flashy thing on the front shelf. Later on, having a busted cordless drill resting in the garage.

Another thorn in the neck I see are the articles with jam-packed info. There is so much to consume. It becomes overwhelming for you to make the right decision.

So, to put all the questions in your mind to rest. Me and my miner buddies researched, wrecked our brains. And finally, put up this sweet little infographic guide.

Cordless Drill Torque Chart [Infographic]

The infographic will Answer Some of the Crucial Questions:
What is Torque?
Why Torque is Important?
How To Measure the Torque?
Cordless Drill Torque Chart of Popular Drills?
Oh! Where was I? Hmm, I Remembered “The Twisting Force”.
Cordless Drill Torque Chart Infographic

5th Drill – Useful Info

This is the drill zone where you can find useful links to help you out.

The ToolGuyd explains what UWO is. That’s one heck of a juicy article that I enjoyed reading.

6th Drill – Road To Best Cordless Drills

Another important thing was “Wrong Torque Settings” and the problems caused by it. Ozito gave us an elusive article about this.

Well, I was thinking about you. That you might have that tinkly feeling. You know that “Let me have a look at those drills for myself. So, in case the cordless drills with their source links and torque ratings are below:

NoCordless DrillsMax TorqueOur Ratings
01Hitachi DS18DBFL2 [Drill/Driver Kit]6206.9 / 10
02Ridgid Fuego R86008 [Power Tool Only]5357.1 / 10
03Makita XPH12R [Hammer Drill/Driver Kit]5307.9 / 10
04PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA [Drill/Driver Kit]3307.5 / 10
05Kimo Cordless Drill Driver Kit [Drill/Driver Kit]3307.8 / 10
06DEWALT DCD771C2 [Drill/Driver Kit]3308.7 / 10
07CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 [Drill/Driver Kit]2808.6 / 10
08Milwaukee 2494-22 [Drill/Driver Kit]2758.5 / 10
09WORX WX176L [Drill/Driver Kit]2658.2 / 10
10Bosch PS31-2A [Drill/Driver Kit]2658.7 / 10
11BLACK+DECKER LDX120C [Drill/Driver Kit]1158.9 / 10

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