Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor for Big Jobs [2021 Guide]

Why You Should Choose DeWalt DXCMLA1983054?

“Time is Money” as the Quote speaks itself… What’s really important is to save your time and money. So, following the quote, I am giving you “My Personal Recommendation” on the best 30 gallon air compressor. Based on our deep analysis, and hard research, the DeWalt DXCMLA1983054 is overall best for heavier tasks and tools. It is environmentally friendly. Comes with additional synthetic oil, There is also a 2 years pump and 1 year other parts warranty.

Well, previously I was talking with you on little buddies. You know “the small air compressors, the 6 gallons, 20 gallons, the quiet ones, and don’t forget the little 12v buds.

Now, it’s time for the big guns. So, today you and I are going to have a nice little debate on which is the most suited, best 30 gallon air compressor. That has high performance, good CFM, and powerful enough to do the big jobs.

Oh! I forgot about the price… also the compressor should be affordable as well. Don’t want to go cashrupt.

Now, these beasts are not like the previous ones. They are built for heavy-duty work and no doubt, they meant business and real work. Used in bigger industries, in workshops, car garages as well as your cozy little homes.

That’s a raw power with a lot of strength including CFM and PSI. Not to mention the tank capacity at sky-high levels to run power-hungry monsters.

Such pneumatic tools are wrenches, nail guns, rock drills, sandblasters, forging presses, atomizers, paint sprayers, etc.

Not going to hide anything from you. That these are really expensive and when hunting down these types of large air compressors you got to be thinking.

Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor 2021 [Buying Guide]

You need the right type of buying guide + a top-notch list of the best 30 gallon air compressors. Both are necessary to help you in owning a well-budgeted optimum air compressor for your work.

This guide will bridge the gap between you and the right decision. Because one wrong move and poof! Your end up with the worst type of air compressor. The icing on the cake is the loss of a lot of money… Can’t let that happen.


CFM has always been an important factor whenever we talk about air compressors. You already know what CFM is. But, let me just rephrase it for you.

In the technical jargon, the CFM is classified as “Cubic Feet Per Minute”. In our common folk’s language, the CFM is identified as “How much speed an air compressor can supply air to the tool”.

There are many reasons why CFM has always been the talk of the town among all DIYers, hobbyists, and professionals. Here are a few of them…

Firstly, heavier tools like sandblasters, wrenches, rock drills, etc., demand air at high speed to run efficiently.

Secondly, it saves you time. With the faster tools operation, more work will be done in less time.

The Old Saying…

You know the old saying that “Time is money”. That sure does apply here.

Tank Size

Up ahead is the tank size. Now, when dealing with heavy pneumatic tools, keep in mind that they eat a large volume of air to run at their peak.

So, as the title “best 30 gallon air compressor” suggests itself that these compressors have a big heart with a lot of capacity to feed these mambo jumbos.

Such as paint sprayers, sandblasters, wrenches, rock drills, nailers, grinders, bolters, etc.

120V & 240V (Dual Voltage System)

When comes to large compressors, there is also the “Dual Voltage System”. You can consider using a 240V system. The higher voltage system allows you to use slim copper cables. That’s why it draws less power and also helps you in saving some money.

But, here is a piece of news for you. That these compressors use the same amount of power in the lower voltage system (120V). While 120V is cheaper and 240V or an air compressor with both systems is a little bit pricey.

So, you may ask a question. That why should I get the expensive option… I rather have the cheaper one. Let me clear it for you that why should you be getting the air compressor with both voltage systems.

You already know that all electrical tools require more power to start up. Higher voltage will allow the power to reach the compressor quickly. Thus, it’ll reduce the stress on the air compressor in the startup phase.

But, in the case of an air compressor with a less voltage system. The required power will take its sweet time reaching the air compressor. This will add strain to the machine.

You might be thinking that this power transfer is only is in a fraction of seconds. So, it doesn’t harm the air compressor. But, no actually it does if you add all the startup times in a collective manner.

This accumulated stress will reduce the compressor’s overall life. That’s why a 240V air compressor will run longer than a 120V compressor.

The downside is that these 240V air compressors require an additional special outlet. If you’re not a pro then don’t put your hands in it. It’s quite dangerous.


Huff, we are halfway through you know! As for the noise, it is also one of the main concerns of every compressor owner. Because too much noise destroys your peace, takes away your work concentration, and gives you angry neighbors.

So, always consider the noise level of that compressor. In that case, the quiet air compressors are more suitable for silent jobs. While the gas-powered air compressors themselves are a bit noisy.

Oil Vs Oil-Free

Hmm, not too shabby, an air compressor with cool and smooth running is the best buddy you can have. The oil-lubricated air compressors are more refined and quiet compared to the oil-free air compressors.

Especially if you are talking about a large air compressor system. The oil keeps the engine and pipes cool and grants maximum performance for both compressor and tool optimum runtime. So, be sure to don’t let that slide down from you.

Tool Compatibility

Further on I want you to consider the “Tool Compatibility” factor. You should always keep in mind the limits of the tools you use when getting the 30 gallon air compressor.

The reason is that these tools come with different variations of strengths. Some are power-hungry while others consume a normal range of power.

Make sure that the compressor is suitable to withstand the pressure and work burden-free. It will avoid getting the compressor being busted due to the excessive load of the pneumatic tool.

Portability & Space Coverage

Well, we are in the final stages of our best 30 gallon air compressor buying guide, but it’s not the end. When comes to transportability and space coverage these big guys lag behind the small air compressors.

No worries, now the companies put a great deal of effort to reduce these hindrances to their maximum extent. These compressors have strong, well-built wheels to move them around swiftly.

As for space coverage, many of these compressors have a slim design and are vertical in nature. So, you can tuck them in a cozy little corner.


Finally, to the end. After this, you’ll be ready to select the compressor of your liking from our deep researched best 30 gallon air compressor review.

I always put forward price as the main concern every time I purchase a tool. Because, what’s the point of having your dreamed tool at a skyrocketed price that’ll break your bone and puts your budget into the grave.

Many of the compressors out there are powerful. But you know there are extremely expensive. And we folks have to cut it through and search the market.

So, you can get the best deal that is valuable and cheap of course.

Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews [In 2021]

Talk about a long journey. Reading through an info-packed article makes you feel like you have completed a journey. Even if you know about the info at all. There is always a chance of learning new things even from old writings you know.

Now, let’s get to the 2nd part of our conversation which is the 30 gallon air compressor reviews. These reviews will inform you of the best cheap deals as well as expensive deals out there. Now let’s hop in…

List of Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor

DeWalt 30 Gallon Air Compressor DXCMLA1983054 [Best Overall]

4.8 / 5.0

This Dewalt 30 gallon compressor has a dual voltage motor that is plugged into standard 120V but can be modified to a 240V appliance. The heavy-duty induction motor energies the pump for overwhelming and hassle-free performance.

The twin-cylinder pump is cast iron and is assembled with an aluminum head and valve head. They can effectively dissipate heat in a very short time. Thus, keep the pump cool for higher efficiency and also increase the lifetime.

Output is 7.0 CFM @ 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM @ 90 PSI. The mighty pump can deliver up to 155 PSI for using the air tools for a longer duration with top-notch performance.

The Built-in high flow regulator provides 20% more torque for tough and challenging projects. This magnitude of torque is enough to remove stubborn nuts and bolts.

The compressor also features automotive ball bearings and durable Swedish stainless steel reed valves. Plus, there is a 12-inch cast-iron balanced flywheel for high performance.

All the vital components such as flow regulator, pressure gauges, quick connect air outlet and on-off switch are readily available from the front board.

Equipped with a 30 gallon ASME certified tank for job continuation without delay for refilling. The tank is vertically fixed on the rubber feet and pneumatic tires to save storage space. The wheel and the front handle ensure effortless mobility to any workplace.

Enjoy the optimum performance with the synthetic oil-lubricated pump. The company has also packed a bottle of synthetic air compressor oil as well. There is a sight glass to check the oil level and a handy oil refilling access.

Designed ergonomically for professionals, DIY workers, and contractors. An ideal solution for the high consumption air tools for nailing, spraying, and sanding, etc.

It will make you surprise that the compressor comes with a 2 years pump plus 1 year other parts warranty along with a very reasonable price.


  • Dual voltage wiring
  • Large-sized flywheel
  • ASME certified huge tank
  • High torque for tough tasks
  • Work perfectly in a variety of jobs
  • Efficient heat dissipation pump design
  • High flow regulator for 20% more torque
  • Shipped with the synthetic air compressor oil
  • 2 years pump and 1-year parts warranty to cover your back


  • Little bit noisy

Industrial air 30 gallon air compressor [Best For Cheap]

4.5 / 5.0

Equipped with the mighty motor to operate the pump for robust performance. Dual voltage winding for 120V and 240V. A cast iron pump with a V-twin cylinder is assembled with aluminum heads and a valve plate to exhaust the heat through efficient means.

The oil lube pump ensures reliable cycling. You can foresee the oil level from a sight glass and replenish the oil from a reachable spot. For the initial starting, synthetic compressor oil is also shipped.

The output is 6.2 CFM @ 40 PSI plus a 5.3 CFM @ 90 PSI. Furthermore, it can elevate the pressure up to 155 PSI with the tie-up of the 30-gallon tank.

With the huge tank size, it maintains proper pressure for optimal performance but also provides backup for longer air tools run time.

Tower-like placement of tank on pneumatic tires saves the occupying space. Plus, it enhances the portability to carry out the compressor anywhere. There is also a handle on the front that helps to move on wheels conveniently.

Easy to access on-board assembly of quick set regulators, pressure gauges, quick connect air exit, and power switch.

Extra features include the single part crankcase, 10-inch flywheel, automotive-style ball bearings, and stainless-steel reed valves. Moreover, the unit is certified by the UL and CSA authorities.

Doubly cheer up now, as the compressor is salable at a pocket-friendly cost bonus with the 2 years warranty.


  • Versatile usage
  • UL and CSA certified
  • Offer quiet operation
  • Dual voltage operation
  • Small footprint with vertical tank
  • Affordable cost with 2 years warranty
  • Twin-cylinder pump for heat dissipation


  • Vibrations occur during pumping

Powermate 30 Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor Vx PLA1683066 [Cheap Gas Powered]

4.2 / 5.0

This 30 gallon vertical air compressor incorporates a heavy-duty induction motor capable of operating on both 120V and 240V. There is manual thermal protection that trips the power when the motor becomes overloaded. This will result in a longer life span and durability for the motor.

Cast-iron, twin-cylinder pump boost up to a maximum of 155 PSI for high-end performance. Plus, it is installed with an aluminum head and machined cast iron valve plate to quickly dissipate the heat.

The oil-lubricated pump ensures smooth and durable performance. It is also shipped with synthetic oil for first-time use.

Over time, there is a need to replenish the oil. A glass for checking the oil level and easy access to fill up the oil.

A control panel is available on which you have quick access to the regulators, pressure gauges and on/off switch. The compressor also includes ball bearings and a reed valve made with stainless steel. Moreover, the single-piece crankcase and 10-inch flywheel are all made of cast iron.

Features a 30 gallon size tank with a heat-resistant cylinder body. The tank is positioned vertically on the wheels to ensure small footprints. Thus, easy to place or transport to any job site with the help of the front handle.

Moreover, the higher tank capacity ensures the extended run time of air tools. No more delays for tank refilling.

You will be taking a sigh of relief as this compressor is within your budget range and won’t extravagant your pocket.


  • Small footprints
  • Noise-less compressor
  • Dual Voltage convertible
  • Oil-level checking option
  • Thermally stable cylinder
  • Vertical tank to increase portability
  • Easy to carry anywhere on pneumatic tires


  • Oil spill off issue
  • The small-sized pressure gauge is difficult to read

NorthStar 30 Gallon Air Compressor [Best Gas Powered With Highest CFM]

4.1 / 5.0

The NorthStar 30 gallon air compressor is at the higher end unit. Turnout pressure rating is 24.4 CFM @ 90 PSI and up to a maximum of 175 PSI. Enjoy the interruption-free job with the superior technology integrated.

It is powered by a heavy-duty Honda gasoline engine with 3A charging circuit. The OHV engine has better fuel combustion for high output. The engine can be switched on with both electric startups or with the recoil rope.

Please be informed that Honda GX engines are legendary in the industry for outstanding performance and durability.

The compressor is engineered with a belt-driven, two-stage V-style cylinder pump integrated with a floating-type durable Swedish steel valve. Moreover, the cylinder heads and crankcase are made of high-grade cast iron to extend the service life.

The pump also includes the Low Vibration Technology that fades out the quaking to endorse the smooth operation.

As you know, heat can have an adverse effect on performance and also shorten the compressor life. Therefore, the pump is designed as a V-style to eliminate hotspots and provide superb cooling. This orientation also ensures the long service life of the pump.

The oil-lubricated pump delivers silent and streamlined performance. The compressor has provision for the oil level checking from a sight glass and shut down the unit in case of low oil.

A single-piece cast iron crankcase has bearings on each end for balanced support. Plus, it helps in less wear and tear of the mobile parts.

A liquid-filled pressure gauge for precise measurement and cut unnecessary pressure spikes. Also, to avoid underload start-up protection, there is a starting lever on the unloader valve. It helps to isolate the pump from the tank pressure.

Heavy cast iron and oversized flywheel to deliver appropriate momentum without overheating. Plus, the rate of compression is enhanced by the installation of step-type piston rings which prevent overlapping.

Last but not least the compressor is fitted with the 30 gallon ASME certified horizontally mounted tank. The compressor can be installed anywhere conveniently to a variety of job sites. Such as repairing, roofing, blowing, etc.

All the discussion when summing up together for cost, you will be found it very expensive. Rest sure that the shower of features will justify the high cost and you won’t regret your pocket drain.


  • Fast recovery time
  • FC35 Grade cast iron pump
  • Shutdown on the low oil level
  • Excellent service by NorthStar
  • Both electric and recoil startup
  • V-type cylinder for proper cooling
  • Glass-sight for checking the oil level
  • Highest CFM ratings 24.4 @ 90 PSI
  • Durable and heavy-duty compressor
  • Bearings at both ends of the crankcase
  • Integrated with low vibration technology
  • Underload startup protection with unloader valve


  • Very expensive unit
  • Bulky and heavyweight
  • Stationary type with no wheels, not portable

Campbell Hausfeld 30 Gallon Air Compressor VT6271 [Best Horizontal]

3.5 / 5.0

Campbell Hausfeld is the air Power Expert that is your ultimate companion till the end of the project. Make your job done in a shorter period via easy-cozy means.

Engineered with a 3.7 HP motor-powered at 240V. The dual-cylinder cast iron pump is designed for durability and extended life operation. It can reliably be used for 5,000 hours and above.

The pump delivers 10.2 CFM @ 90 PSI and can boost up to a maximum of 135 PSI with the help of a 30 gallon tank.

Since the tank capacity is huge, the compressor is equipped with a durable and ASME-certified horizontal tank. You can continue your tasks without pauses for refilling.

The inclined handle and semi-pneumatic large wheels allow you to move around easily. Plus it also enhances portability to carry it from one job location to the next.

Another benefit of the wheeled compressors is easy to place anywhere in a small shop or garage.

The heavy-duty pump is mechanized for quieter operation with oil lubrication. You have to scan for oil refilling at times for the smooth running of the compressor.

Whether you are a DIY user, professional, or contractor, it pumps your job efficiently. High CFM and huge tank size make the compressor capable to undertake a vast list of projects.

All types of spraying, nailing, stapling, inflating can be easily tackled. Plus, it is also ideal for sanding, bolting, grinding and tightening, etc. Not to mention the price offered to own this high-profile compressor is quite affordable.


  • High CFM ratings
  • Noise-free cycling
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • 5,000+ hours lifetime
  • Durable and enhanced portability
  • Multipurpose for different types of tools


  • Loose pressure over time
  • Belt and pulley misaligned
  • Comes with only 240V option
  • Poor packaging and shipment

My Personal Recommendation

Lastly, this is the 3rd part of our chit chat after this you can get to own the best 30 gallon air compressor. If you ask my opinion, I’ll go with the DeWalt DXCMLA1983054 30-Gallon Portable Air Compressor.

Because it is packed with all the features that are needed for heavier tasks and tools. It is environmentally friendly. Comes with additional synthetic oil, There is also a 2 years pump and 1 year other parts warranty.

As with Campbell, there are a lot of problems with it and we can’t base the compressor just on the customer rating alone. So, I have put it to the bottom.

As for the DeWalt, amazingly it has the best budget price compared to the NorthStar. Man, that NorthStar is expensive! But, better than the Campbell. Well, I would prefer DeWalt as my lovey-dovey.

Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor FAQs

Q: Which 30 gallon air compressor is the best?

Ans: List of best 30 gallon air compressor
DeWalt DXCMLA1983054 – Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor Overall
Industrial Air ILA1683066 – Best 30 Gallon Air Compressor For Money
Powermate Vx PLA1683066 – Cheap 30 Gallon Gas Air Compressor
NorthStar Portable – Best 30 Gallon Gas Air Compressor With Highest CFM
Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 – 30 gallon horizontal air compressor

Q: Can you paint a car with a 30 gallon air compressor?

Ans: It totally depends on the compressor more than just the tank. If the CFM of your compressor is equal to or higher than the spray gun you’re gonna use for painting. you’re gonna have if the output by the spray gun is more than the compressor’s output. Just use a gun that matches your compressor’s requirements.

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