Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil 2024 [Buying Guide]

01513 Royal Purple Air Compressor Oil

Best Cheapest

  • Prevents Carbon Build-up
  • Anti-oxidant And Anti-wear
  • Synerlec Additive Technology
  • Prolongs Compressor Life Span
  • Proprietary Film Enhances Lubricity
P018-0084SP Powermate PX Synthetic Oil

Best Non-Detergent

  • All-Weather 
  • ISO 68 Grade Full Synthetic
  • 25% Better Wear Protection
  • Extended Compressor Pump Life
  • Broad Operating Temperature Range
38436721 OEM All Season Select Air Compressor Oil

Best Ingersoll Rand Oil

  • Long Refilling Time
  • All Season Synthetic Oil
  • Prevents Carbon Build-up
  • Reduces Compressor Wear
  • Lasts 4x Longer Than Petroleum-Based Oils

Synthetic compressor oils are one of the essential ingredients for an air compressor to keep it cool and work properly. Whether you’re using a small oil-lubricated compressor or if it’s commercial-grade big compressors that come with 20, 30, 60, or 80-gallon ranges.

No matter which size of air compressor if they are oil-lubricated then getting the best synthetic air compressor oil is essential.

The air compressor synthetic oils fulfill the most critical job of lubricating the internal parts of the compressor. Over time the lube in the compressor’s internal components starts becoming dryer.

Due to the roughness and simultaneous collision of components with each other, the worst enemy of your compressor is born i.e., “Friction”.

Friction generates excessive heat and produces overheating which leads to air compressor explosions. That’s why synthetic compressor oils are used to prevent all these problems.

They are specially designed based on the machine’s demand. They are more refined and higher in quality than conventional oils. This grants more benefits compared to other oils.

So, getting the best synthetic air compressor oil is important. It’ll give optimum protection and oil lubrication which improves your compressor’s performance.

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil 2024 [Buying Guide]

Let’s begin the analysis with some crucial aspects that’ll give you really important info on what to look for before choosing synthetic oil for an air compressor.

The Viscosity

Viscosity is a vital factor to consider before buying the lubricant. Before getting acquainted with it, let me inform you that viscosity, grade, or weight are alike terms. We will use either of them, don’t get confused.

Since viscosity is related to the thickness of the oil, you can think of how easy to pour the oil into the tank. However, the temperature has a critical effect on the grade of the oil which I have discussed below in “Operating Range of Temperature”.

You can determine the grade of the lubricant from the label on the pack. It is shown in either SAE or ISO. A low value means low viscosity and vice versa.

Importance of Additives

Additives are chemicals to enhance the lubricity of the oil and extend the compressor’s life. The oil may become contaminated or break down early without them. Or you can say the parts will wear soon in their absence.

The percentage of additives present in the oil depends on the use and operating conditions. When added they have several benefits such as they improve the viscosity and reducing the friction between the parts.

Moreover, they prevent contamination and the formation of oil sludge. The anti-oxidant, and anti-corrosion capabilities protect the parts of the engine. Being anti-wax and anti-foam, they refine and smooth the working of the compressor.

The Operating Range of Temperature

The overall performance of the oil depends on the temperature. Severe cold or sizzling weather will greatly affect the lubricity of the oil.

Such as difficulty in starting up the machine. Improperly weighted lubricant is one of the major causes.

You should select the viscosity of the oil according to the weather conditions. Low-viscosity lubricant will serve great in cold weather.

However, in summer, you should pour high-viscosity oil into your compressor for optimum output.

Be informed that heat generated during the pumping also suppresses the performance. Generally, the operating conditions are labeled on the product to get consistent performance for the whole year.

However, operating beyond the suggested values will result in the malfunctioning of the equipment.

The Oil Change Frequency

Oil change frequency depends on the compressor type and its operating time. However, the recommended change-out time for reciprocating air compressors is three months or 700-800 hours of use. For rotating ones, the oil exchange interval is 7000 to 8000 hours of service.

The big industrial giants are required to change the lubricant in a shorter pause of 300 hours of operation. As time moves on, the oil gets Thicker, Muddier, and “Darker Than Black”. At this stage, it will lessen the lubricity and increase the friction.

This oil mess will degrade the performance and efficiency of the compressor. If you let the oil course through the compressor body for longer recklessly, It’ll cause wear and damage. A hit to your budget as well.

Quantity of Oil

Diet your compressor to its full. Not clear? Well, you should fill up the oil tank according to the tank size or as per requirement.

There are two scenarios for oil replenishment. The first is to refill the oil wholly after a suggested period. However, the second scenario is more crucial, as the oil level may drop due to consumption or leakage.

The lower oil level will stimulate the wear of the components by increasing friction. Thus, to prevent this damage, you should check and keep the lubricant in the right amount.

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Reviews 2024

We have short-listed the best synthetic air compressor oils depending on the above factors mentioned in our synthetic compressor oil buying guide.

List of Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

01513 Royal Purple Air Compressor Oil Review [Best Cheapest Synthetic Compressor Oil]

Royal Purple 01513 is the best synthetic oil for air compressors. It is formulated with Synerlec Additive Technology which also outperforms synthetic blended oils as claimed by the company itself.

This additive is proven to run the compressor smoothly and efficiently without rendering noise. It also prolongs the life span of the compressor.

Premium grade and energy-efficient lubricant that brings years of outclass performance. It helps to reduce the wear and prevent the discharge valve from carbon accumulation.

Integrated additives cast a high strength and slippery film on the metal tops. The patented film coating boosts the oil’s film toughness and intensifies the oil’s layer thickness.

Therefore, the lubricity is enhanced significantly, which helps to stave off metal-to-metal contact. Synerlec Technology rapidly sweeps off moisture from metal surfaces to prevent rust and corrosion.

The royal purple air compressor oil also reinforces the oil to withstand the detrimental effects of temperature variations. In addition to that, it will restrict the oxidation of the oil.

  • Cheaper than others
  • Prevents carbon build-up
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-wear
  • Proprietary film enhances lubricity
  • Keep the compressor significantly cooler
  • Forms a tough and high-strength coating
  • It reduces the noise level during the operation
  • Ability to remove moisture from the surface
  • It can be poured easily with the pointed end
  • Enhanced additives inside the oil extend the compressor life
  • Not suitable for refrigerant compressors

P018-0084SP Powermate Px Synthetic Oil Review [Best Full Synthetic Non Detergent Compressor Oil]

Powermate claims that their oil helps the compressor start 10° colder and performs 50% superior to other synthetic lubricants at 0°F.

This full synthetic non detergent air compressor oil comes with an incredible flash, and pour point that has a wider operating temperature compared to other oils.

The flashpoint of 460°F ensures the fuel will not burn out due to the heat generated during pumping. In contrast, the pourpoint is -40°F maintaining high performance even in the extreme cold.

Better lubricity with increased wear protection up to 25% greater than synthetic blend oils. The outcome is an extended pump life.

Suitable for higher loads and to use in hotter climates because of its viscosity. Piston valve cleaning ability ensures smooth pumping for a long time.

  • Affordable
  • It is 100% synthetic oil
  • It can be used in any season
  • It provides 25% better wear protection
  • Broad operating temperature range for both hot and cold weather
  • Gives off an unpleasant odor when burned

OEM All Season Select Air Compressor Oil [Best Ingersoll Rand Synthetic Compressor Oil]

OEM All Season Select is specifically formulated for Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressors. It not only upholds their optimum performance but also improves reliability.

With its long-lasting lubrication, it confidently fulfills the requirements of the most demanding applications. In contrast to petroleum-based lubricants, the OEM can perform longer up to four times.

The change-out time of oil under normal operating conditions is about 2,000 hours of service.

This full synthetic oil keeps the device cool and maintains efficiency regardless of the season. No matter how high or low the temperature is, it helps prevent carbon formation and reduce wear on the compressor.

  • All season synthetic oil
  • It allows for cooler operation
  • Reduce wear and carbon sludge
  • Long refilling time of about 2000 hours
  • Lasts up to four times longer than petroleum-based lubricants
  • Can be used with all Ingersol Rand reciprocating air compressors
  • Pricey
  • Only for Ingersol Rand compressors

D55001 DeWalt Synthetic Compressor Oil [Best All-Weather Synthetic Air Compressor Oil For DeWalt]

The DeWalt synthetic compressor oil is an all-weather lubricant regardless of compressor type. The oil perks up the compressor efficiency to its maximum.

It provides exceptional strength to cope with extreme temperature conditions. Moreover, it allows a quick start-up at low temperatures.

30-grade premium oil features anti-wear protection that reduces the friction between those parts. It extends the lifetime of the compressor and also boosts its efficiency.

The oil also features to disposal of the carbon residues on the compressor valves. You are recommended to change the oil within 200 hours or one year to maintain its optimum performance.

  • All-weather performance
  • It offers a quieter operation
  • Run the compressor cooler
  • Exceptional anti-wear protection
  • It can be used in a variety of compressors
  • Give a boost to the compressor’s efficiency
  • Don’t let carbon accumulate on the valves
  • Extraordinary performance in the extreme weather conditions
  • Lower change-out time
  • No cap, just a seal on it, so it can be used only once

ISO-100 Amsoil Synthetic Compressor Oil [Best Rotatory Vane & Reciprocating Compressor Oil]

The Amsoil compressor oil is of a commercial grade and is specially designed as a rotatory vane and reciprocating compressor oil.

However, its scope of use is not limited to compressors. The Amsoil synthetic oil also works fine with a vacuum or pressure washer pump.

This Premium quality, non-detergent compressor oil not only inhibits the process of wear and corrosion. But, also has the strength to encounter the challenging requirements of industrial compressors.

It is ashless, a remarkable feature that helps to gather the debris inside the pump and take them away to the oil filter. Plus, it’s an environment-friendly oil and can be used in humid conditions.

Extraordinary service life, up to 8 times more than other mineral oils in the market. Its viscosity grade is SAE 30/40, equivalent to ISO-100, which facilitates the winter’s easy start-up.

  • Run the compressor efficiently
  • It allows easy start-up in winters
  • Filter the broken fragments in the oil
  • Extended usage lifespan up to 8 times greater
  • Make the compressor noiseless when running
  • Premium commercial-grade oil for industrial compressors
  • Pricey

My Personal Recommendation

That’s all from me and on my part, I’ll be going for the “Royal Purple 01513”. It’s the best synthetic air compressor oil for me because I don’t use refrigerant compressors.

As for the decision, I do suggest you ask your manufacturer about the oil your compressor wants and If you have decided then I am here for you.

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil FAQs

Q: What Oil To Use In Air Compressor?

Ans: The manufacturers and air compressor experts always recommend compressor oil depending mainly on the air compressor type and weather conditions you’re living in. In colder temperatures and regions, SAE 20 oil is due to its lower viscosity/weight. While for hotter regions and temperatures, SAE 30 is best due to its high viscosity. Also, make sure to check which type you’re using a synthetic blend or full synthetic air compressor oil.

Q: How Much Oil Does An Air Compressor Take?

Ans: Usually, it depends on the size of an air compressor. Larger industrial air compressors require more oil than normal shop or garage compressors. The general norm of oil holding capacity of most compressors is 1 Gallon (4L).

Q: How To Add Oil To Air Compressor?

Ans: Below are simple step-by-step instructions for adding oil to your air compressor:
1. Check the location of the oil draining cap/plug.
2. Put an oil-filling pan write below the cap to collect the previous oil.
3. Remove the plug/cap by using an adjustable wrench.
4. Now, slowly put the manufacturer’s recommended oil in it.
5. Monitor the dipstick or sight glass for oil level.
6. Once filled then replace the plug/cap on the pump.

Q: What weight is Powermate px compressor oil?

Ans: The P018-0084SP Powermate air compressor oil is packed in a 1 QT. Bottle weighing about 1.87 lbs. The oil itself is fully synthetic with ISO 68 Grade. It’s an all-season compressor oil that works fine in higher and lower temperatures.

Q: What is the best synthetic air compressor oil?

Ans: Here is a list of the best synthetic air compressor oils:
1. 01513 Royal Purple – Best Cheapest Synthetic Compressor Oil
2. Powermate PX – Best Full Synthetic Non Detergent Compressor Oil
3. OEM All Season Select – Best Ingersoll Rand Synthetic Compressor Oil
4. DeWalt D55001 – Best All-Weather Synthetic Air Compressor Oil For DeWalt
5. Amsoil Compressor Oil – Best Rotatory Vane & Reciprocating Compressor Oil

Q: What are the benefits of synthetic oil to air compressors?

Ans: Below are the benefits of synthetic oil:
1. Prevents carbon buildup
2. Reduces compressor noise
3. Control scaling deposits in the compressor
4. Reduces friction and wear in internal parts
5. Highly Durable & doesn’t deteriorate easily
6. Protects the compressor from rust and corrosion
7. Eliminates excessive power and energy consumption
8. Helps compressor in resisting wear at high temperatures
9. Helps in the “Quicker Compressor Starts” even in winters
10. Efficiently cleans up the engine/pump sludge to increase the compressor’s lifespan

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