Makita 6407 Review [Power Drill Series 2021]


I have been using Makita tools including circular saws, jigsaws, table saws, cordless, corded drills for many years. And this one is also not out of the ordinary. As the drill is specially built for home repairs and DIY projects.

So, in order to completely understand the drill, we have done an in-depth analysis and wrote a detailed research-based Makita 6407 review.

Now, the most amazing thing with this small bud is its lightweight design, and solid grip that gives the user a comfortably balanced handling. This makes even the harder drilling work easier.

Plus with the no-load RPM of 2500, the drill easily penetrates through different types of tough drilling materials. On the other hand, the ball-bearing drill structure increases its durability and lifespan. Means it’ll be with you for years to come.

Now, let’s get both you and me into the deep.

Makita Corded Drill Review 2021

4.8 / 5.0

I have divided all the amazing features this power drill has into different sections for your convenience. So, you can easily understand each aspect crystal-clear.

Rotation Speed (RPM)

Rotation speed or otherwise known as RPM which means “Revolutions Per Minute”. The total number of turns a drill or drill chuck completes in 1 minute.

This aspect of Makita 6407 holds immense importance. As it is the speed at which the Makita corded drill penetrates. 

The no-load system with 0 to 2,500 RPM speed seriously is a no joke. It’s high power right there that lets the Makita drill through various tougher materials smoothly like steel plates, wood, etc.

Motor Power (Amp)

The AMPs or in other words motor power. Meaning the higher the Amps more will be the performance.

The Makita 6407 has a 4.9 Amps motor that gives it higher performance for doing home, garage, and DIY tasks easily.

Variable Speed Reversing (VSR)

VSR or variable speed reversing is also known as “Drill Reversing Ability”. Meaning the drill can work in both forward and reverse mode with just a switch trigger.

The Makita 6407 is a VSR drill with the reversing switch located conveniently along with the power button.

In situations where the drill bit while or after drilling gets stuck in the material. The reversing mode helps the drill getting out without breaking the bit.

Noise Level (dB)

The noise level or dB is a range of sound produced by the respective drill when you’re using it.

Here, the Makita power drill has a balanced 79 dB noise range for quieter operation. So, the drill noise doesn’t irritate you while drilling.

If you’re sensitive to sound then I would recommend you should use noise-blocking earmuffs.


Now, there are 3 things about Makita 6407 chuck that I want to discuss with you here.

Chuck Durability: Makita corded drill comes with a stronger and durable chuck that helps the drill work more efficiently when drilling into hard materials.

Chuck Size: It comes with a 3/8-inch chuck that is used for lightweight home, garage, and shop tasks.

Chuck Type: While the 3rd thing is the chuck type. The Makita corded drill comes with a metal keyed chuck that holds stronger than keyless chuck. This also eliminates the drill bit loosening issue during work.

Due to keyed chuck, the company has included the drill’s own chuck key along with it.

Body And Grip Design

The body is made with strong, dynamic, rugged plastic that protects the inner components as well as enhances durability.

The in-line handle provides flexibility and accuracy while working. The overall drill design comes with Makita’s branded cool-looking teal blue-green color.


In our Makita 6407 review, one of the amazing things was the durability factor. 

The Makita corded drill uses a modern all-ball bearing framework instead of those cheaper, rugged-less sleeve bearings. This modern ball bearing system grants heightened durability and a longer tool lifespan. 

Size And Weight

The product dimensions or size in other words are 9.5 x 2.75 x 10.5 inches and weighs about 3.1 lbs. Both size and weight are optimal for proper gripping, handling, and carrying.

Cord Quality

The power cord design is heavy-duty which prevents quick-burning or overheating. 

Another great thing about the cord is its flexibility that prevents inner fiber breakage upon bending or rolling it up

Finally, the cord is of right-sized length that gives a wider outreach to the user.

Accessories & Features

Drill Bits: Unfortunately, the drill doesn’t come with its own set of bits. But, the company has already listed out the best drill bits that can work with the Makita 6407 drill.

The metric drill and screw bit set works with both commercial as well as home/garage work. Plus, the bit set comes with its own separate plastic casing.

Carrying Case: Good news is the Makita 6407 drill comes with its own separate plastic case with teal color to also match the branding.

Drill Lock-On System: The corded drill has a convenient lock-on system for locking out the drill button to avoid drill activation due to any mistake.

Drill handle With Holder: Also, there is a sneaky little drill holder at the base of the handle to anchor or hook your drill along with you anywhere.


As for the price, I do say it’s a little bit higher. But, my experience over the years with Makita has been extraordinary. So, I say all the above benefits it gives I think the Makita deserves all of it.


  • Drill lock-on button
  • Reverse mode supported
  • Higher power and performance
  • Intelligent In-line handle for high accuracy
  • High RPM for drilling into tougher material
  • Well-balanced price compared with specs
  • The ball-bearing system grants longer tool life
  • Durable metal chuck to avoid bit loosening issue
  • Low noise level for a quieter working environment
  • Rugged and dynamic body for stronger protection
  • Easily drills through materials such as wood, steel, etc


  • A little bit heavy
  • Only 1 case of defective product shipping

Makita 3/8 Drill Alternatives 2021

Well, I know the single drill will not suit everyone. I admire and care about everyone’s preferences and the tools they like to own. So, I have dug to my limits to stack up these guys as Makita 6407 drill alternatives.

Bosch 1006VSR Drill 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck

4.0 / 5.0

Bosch 1006VSR is one of the phenomenal power drills. The corded drill has a keyless chuck with a dynamic body design. The drill packs a punch with a limited 2-year warranty with the pro vantage. Plus, it’s cheaper compared to Makita 7407 as well.

CRAFTSMAN CMED731 Drill/Driver 7-Amp, 3/8-Inch

4.5 / 5.0

Now, the Craftsman company is really crafty with their corded drills. This drill represents itself with 7-Amp power with the same 3/8-Inch chuck but it’s keyless. Adding the icing to the cake, the warranty racks up to 3-years and at the same time, the price also falls down.


4.7 / 5.0

I think Black & Decker has built something unique with their immensely powerful Matrix System. By Matrix, I remembered, “Keanu Reeves Matrix 4” is coming this December. I hope he’ll use the “Black & Decker Matrix Drill” in his home as we all are using.

By the way, the drill has 4-Amp power with an impact driver, oscillating, jigsaw, detail sander, router, and trim saw attachment. Means multi-tool work with one drill and this bad boy is the cheapest of all.

My Final Verdict To You

Well, the Makita 6407 is built exactly for home and garage work. Our detailed Makita 6407 review demonstrates that the drill has several other features that benefit you compared to its price.

The specs, the strength, the power, the durability make it a fine choice for folks like you and me. I say you should talk to your friends and do research on it to make sure that this drill is the right companion for you.

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