Best Corded Drill For Woodworking Projects 2024

DeWalt DWD115K Corded Drill

Best Rated

  • 2500 RPM
  • 8 AMP Motor
  • Drilling/Driving
  • VSR Trigger
  • 3/8-Inch All-Metal Keyless Chuck
  • 3-Years Limited Warranty
  • 1-Year Free Service
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Black & Decker DR260C Corded Drill

Best Cheap

  • 1500 RPM
  • 5.5 AMP Motor
  • Drilling/Driving
  • Variable Speed
  • 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck
  • 2-Years Limited Manufacturers Warranty
Porter Cable PC600D Corded Drill

Best Electric

  • 2500 RPM
  • 6.5 AMP Motor
  • Drilling/Driving
  • Variable Speed
  • 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck
  • 3-Years Limited Warranty
  • 1-Year Free Service
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Now, these are some of my favorite drills. The corded drills are usually with me when I am doing heavy drilling work. Like drilling holes into walls, concrete, or metal.

Last time, I remember I used the drill to set up curtains in my room. It was in a bit corner so, I had to tilt the drill to a 45° angle and use the side handle for maximum accuracy.

Regarding my drills, I am a bit of a cautious type. So, when it comes to aluminum or metal frames I use the drill press. As for concrete drilling, mixing, and masonry work, I use heavy hammer drills.

In this way, the cordless or corded drill doesn’t go through extensive pressure. That’s why my drills last longer as well as reduce the budget or new expenses.

And I do say my method costs upfront expenses for owning many drills. But, you know every DIYer has his methods and preferences.

I have a DeWalt corded drill which I used for woodworking projects. It’s a bit of an older model with an RPM in the range of 2,000 to 3,000. It was a keyed chuck with a black side handle.

The cord was pretty strong, durable, and thick. So, it protected me from wire melting, overheating, and as well as fire issues. It was working fine until a while ago.

Don’t know what happened? It just died on me! After so many years I lost it. Seeing that I motivated myself to write this guide.

There were at least 30+ drills I was looking at. It took me 6 days just to figure out which will be the best corded drill for woodworking for me and you.

Don’t ask me how many days it took to write. It was me, my PC, and many cups of coffee. Comparing RPM, VSR, power, and other statistics was a hassle but, here we are.

Here are the last images of it. You’ll see the dust on the old rugged handle gathered up with the withering of time.

There are models with similar specs on amazon that I am looking forward to buying myself. But, you know the plan that when a lot of options are in front of you it’s a bit of a hard decision.

Best Corded Drill For Woodworking 2024 [Buying Guide]

So, based on my personal experience I have written down all the important factors in our buying guide. These are necessary for selecting the best corded drill for woodworking.

RPM – Rotation Speed

RPM is referred to as “Revolutions Per Minute”. The total number of turns a drill completes within a minute. The RPM is also known as rotation speed or drilling speed.

Tip For Ya: You should know that RPM and Torque are inversely related. Thus, in the case of corded drills, more RPM doesn’t mean you’ll get more torque. Torque is related to “Motor Power” which I will discuss with you in our next factor.

For softer materials, you need drills with higher RPM. The higher RPM gives faster speed in drilling these types of material

When it comes to drilling in tougher material low-speed drills with lower RPM are needed. Because with the lower speed, you gain more torque and this same rule applies when you’re using large-sized bits…

These types of drills with low RPM and higher torque values are also called high torque drills. They can be either corded or cordless as well.

AMPs – Motor Power

Motor power is one of the potential key differences between cordless and corded drills. The motor in these drills is designed to be more powerful as they use direct electric energy instead of a battery source.

This power is measured by Amps or Ampere. Generally, most of the drills used at industrial, shop, DIY, and garage level are around about 5 to 10 amps. The crucial thing is that more AMP means more power.

So, the motor will be stronger, thus resulting in high performance. Which further amplifies the torque to drill through tougher materials with ease.

For simple home/garage tasks, the drill of 5 to 7 Amps is enough. The above 7 amps are for drilling concrete, hardwood metal, steel, and other alloys you need hammer drills.

For corded drills, the common law applies if their power is tested in watts (W). A watt is equal to 1 Joule per second. This Joule is the basic unit of energy.

Remember That! The watts of a corded drill is accessed by multiplying the drill amperes by the volts. You have already seen the labels of 110V or 120V mentioned on the drills.

These are the ones…

Amps x Voltage = Watts
8 Amps x 120 Volts = 960W

Here is a DeWalt DWD115K 8 Amp drill with a 120 Voltage corded drill as an example for you.

Variable Speed Reversible (VSR)

The next crucial element is the VSR or “Variable Speed Reversing”. With a variable speed trigger, you can switch the drill to reverse mode. 

Apart from drilling holes, the normal drilling action can also be used for screwing and fastening purposes. To do that, you have to adjust the drill speed so screws won’t get stripped.

Now, the drill speed adjustment depends on how far you press the trigger. On the other hand, the “Reverse Mode” is used for unscrewing or in situations when the drill gets stuck in the material.

On the contrary, this function has proven a lot more helpful rather than using other tools like screwdrivers or cordless drills with this function. That’s why a lot of manufacturers have adapted and integrated this feature in almost every modern drill.

Seeing that it’s a must need for DIYers and other folks we have done the same. In our best corded drill for woodworking, every drill is equipped with VSR technology.


Moving to another critical structure of the corded drill that is “Chuck”. The chuck is the cone-shaped rotatory part with 3 clamps placed on the head of the drill. Its primary function is to hold the drill bit in its place.

There are 3 important factors you should know when it comes to corded drills chucks.

Chuck Durability

Drills with stronger chucks work more efficiently and accurately when drilling hardwood or other alloys.

A durable chuck holds the drill bit securely in its place and eliminates the danger of slipping or the drill bit breaking when drilling through hard surfaces.

Chuck Size

For a corded drill, the chuck size plays an essential role. You should know, that the drill bit is not measured in length but, in diameter.

That’s why the chuck size determines the drill bit diameter that can be used with that particular corded drill. You cannot use a drill bit with a diameter larger than the chuck’s diameter.

Mainly, there are 2 chucks sizes. The 3/8-inch chucks are used for lightweight jobs at home, garage, etc. While the 1/2-inch chucks are used for heavy-duty commercial jobs in shops or workplaces.

Keyed/Keyless Chuck Drill Design

The final thing about chucks is the type your corded drill comes with. Generally, there are 2 chuck types:

  1. Keyed Chucks
  2. Keyless Chucks

The keyed chucks require a chuck key to lock, release, or fasten up a drill bit on the chuck.

Usually, the chuck key of recommended size comes along with these corded drills. But, there are all-purpose master chuck keys that can be used with any type of drill.

The 2nd type is a handy one and they are called the keyless chuck. These are widely used chucks in modern drills due to their ease of use. 

The only thing you need is to rotate the chuck in a clock or anti-clockwise direction to release or lock the drill bit into the chuck.

It saves time and eliminates the hassle of using a chuck key for just fastening or changing the bit.

Body And Grip Design

As a DIYer and garage owner myself I always recommend other DIYers, workshop, home, and garage owners to own the best corded drill for woodworking with a compact body and ergonomic grip.

The body of the drill should be dynamic with a lightweight design and a well-balanced frame for easy operation. The plastic or metal casing used in the drill design should be powerful and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. 

The grip design should be ergonomic to give a stronger grasp on the drill. Another necessary thing is the softness of the grip. So, the holder doesn’t feel any irritation or the grip itself doesn’t put marks on the hand.


In regards to durability, the overall external body frame, as well as internal elements, should be made with stronger and more durable components. Because the drill has to drill through many tougher materials in most cases and for longer durations as well.

If the quality of both elements (internal & external components) is low. The drill will succumb to great pressure and will not perform efficiently.

The worst-case scenario is the drill malfunctioning, motor burnout, or the drill dying. Not to mention the sadness you feel. Plus, the loss of money adds salt to the wounds.

And the same thing I have told you above in the “Body & Grip Design” Section. That all these elements both internal and external work as a shield and preserve the longevity of the drill. 

Size And Weight

There is a whole heap of trouble you have to go through when it comes to size and weight. Here are a few issues that I usually face when using a heavy oversized drill.

Due to oversize, it’ll be stuck or collide with the surrounding objects when drilling in corners, curved zones, or in tighter places. Plus, you can’t properly access the high n narrow places as well.

On the other side, a heavy-weight corded drill causes portability issues. At work, you have to carry the tools consistently. So, a heavy drill will hinder your work speed during drilling or fastening work.

Plus, when drilling into a wall or any other material the hole will not become straight. The reason is the imbalance caused due to oversize & heavyweight.

Not to mention the constant usage of heavy corded drills has also been a common source of hand aches and wrist sores for many DIYers. So, in my opinion, for smaller projects, you should use a cordless drill.

Or you can use a drill guide for your oversized drill. It’s a specially designed stand used with heavy drills in projects that require smooth, accurate, and precise drilling/fastening work.


Not the major concern compared to the above discussion you and I had. But, the accessories count when they are needed.

So, do check that the drill is packed with extra accessories like drill bits set, drill carrying bags/cases, or drill handles.

I think the side handles are usually required in hammer drills. It’s rear in corded drills but, we do have a drill with a side handle in our best corded drill for woodworking.


Warranty is the green signal that saves you from utter loss, disappointment, and a bit of sadness. Because, if the drill gets damaged, faulty, or any other problem happens. The company is there standing for you with Refund/Return, Limited Year Service Warranties.

Many cases happen and these are common. Damage due to poor shipping, or the drill gets knocked out early, or by accident, you get the wrong product, etc.

Best Corded Drill For Woodworking Reviews 2024

List of Best Corded Drill For Woodworking

DWD115K DeWalt Corded Drill, VSR, 3/8 Keyless Chuck Drill Design [Best Rated Corded Drill For Woodworking]

The Dewalt DWD115K is a reliable and ideal drill from the renowned machine tool company DeWalt, especially for common home tasks and light jobs.

The drill is equipped with a highly efficient and powerful motor that is patented by the manufacturer. It uses up to 8 amperes of current to deliver the variable speed of 0 to 2500 RPM with VSR triggering.

A mighty motor has the strength to carry out heavy-duty drilling jobs and fastening applications. While the wider RPM ratings lead to faster and more versatile drilling and driving. Also, the built-in overload protection not only secures the motor but also extends its life.

Since there might be a situation that arises when you need to reverse the rotation. Therefore, most modern drills have a reversible switch for the reverse and forward functions.

DWD115K also has the reverse switch and upon pressing the switch the drill can rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You don’t have to buy extra tools for such jobs.

Besides, another exceptional feature is the keyless chuck ratcheting. Its metallic design provides the best possible bit retention, which tightens the chuck more as we keep doing the work.

While drilling and driving, it’s crucial to get your job done in a precise and consistent way. Therefore, the DWD115K is built to ensure accurate results with its ergonomic and well-balanced hand positioning.

The handle grip is soft and is made of non-slip rubber for balanced griping. It is placed in the middle to bring about comfort and well-control over the product while working. The mid-positioned grip and lightweight design reduce fatigue even after prolonged usage.

Tactfully designed ball-bearing construction enhances durability and extends tool life. There is also available a carrying case for the drill to hold and carry the drill with you safely to any job site.

It is packaged with a 3-year limited warranty with the added 1-year free contract for any possible service. Also, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • 8-Amp high specs motor
  • 3-years limited warranty
  • 1-year free contract service
  • 90-days money-back guarantee
  • A cooling fan to avoid overheating
  • Full-metal keyless chuck and ratcheting
  • VSR triggering that ranges up to 2500 RPM
  • Ergonomic and soft-gripped mid-handle design
  • It comes in a good warranty package of 3 years
  • Integrated overload protection for more safety
  • It offers greater durability with all ball-bearing construction
  • Speed control is slightly sensitive
  • Sometimes drill bit slips in the chuck
  • It has a little wobble while drilling vertically

DR260C Black And Decker 3/8 Corded Drill With Keyless Chuck Drill Design [Best Cheap Corded Drill For Woodworking]

Black Decker is a well-known and popular brand in household appliances and stands firm in its trust and quality as time goes by. The company also gained an impressive reputation in power tools as well.

Keeping the above in mind, we have picked a compact yet powerful Black and Decker corded drill for you. It is integrated with a powerful 5.2 Amp motor that runs at 1,500 RPM.

Both AMP and RPM give more than enough power and speed for doing a variety of household jobs. Whether it’s a small garage project or a big DIY job. 

The variable speed functionality provides you full control over the range of materials to drive and drill through. Whether it’s drilling work or fastening up screws the drill gets the job done efficiently.

The drill is featured with the 3/8-inch keyless chuck for quick and easy bit replacements. Also, for convenience, there is a chamber available for onboard bit storage.

The Black and Decker corded drill is built with pretty sturdy plastic. The frame is compact, lightweight, and handy. Thus, delivers high performance.

The soft grip on the handle has an ergonomic design. For DIYers and tool operators, it gives them a firm grasp on the tool when drilling holes or fastening up screws and gets the job done effortlessly.

The drill weighs about only 3.25 pounds with smart size dimensions of ‎10.75 x 3.6 x 10.25 inches. This makes it extremely portable and easy to carry around.

As for your assurance, the company stands behind its product and offers an inspiring 2 years limited manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Cheap corded drill
  • Granular speed control
  • Packaged with 2 years warranty
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to access on-board bit storage
  • Ergonomic and comfortably gripped handle
  • Lock-on button to set the drill at a specific speed
  • It is a little noisier
  • The power cord is of short length
  • Customer reports on drill chuck being hard 
  • Cases of bit becoming loosen-up due to faulty chuck after some usage

PC600D Porter Cable Corded Drill, 6 Amp Keyless Chuck Drill Design [Best Corded Electric Drill For Woodworking]

There PC600D is a well-engineered and professionally crafted corded drill. The mighty 6 Amp motor capable of 2500 RPM delivers reliable power in the demanding applications of drilling and driving.

The drill is also integrated with the Variable Speed Trigger, which ranges from 0 to 2500 RPM. The adjustable trigger mechanism helps you harmonize the drill speed according to the type of work you’re gonna do.

On the other hand, with the high-torque gear design, you can operate it for a variety of applications. Such as metal/wood fabrication, pilot hole drilling in frame construction, deck building, and other jobs that need an extended period.

This bud is electrically backed up with a 20V Max Li-ion battery with 1.3 Amps per hour cells. That’s why the drill’s performance lasts for an extended duration and gives you the ability to do your work with a flow without leaving your job half-done.

No key is required for bit removal or tightening as the drill is equipped with a ⅜ Inch 2-sleeve keyless chuck with a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation system. This will save time, and extra effort, and ensure quicker replacement of the drill bit.

Another great thing about the keyless chuck is it secures the drill bit tightly to avoid slippages during drilling or fastening work. Because simple errors do give deadly wounds.

The drill body has an intelligent compact design with an enhanced lightweight frame of 3.5 lbs. That’s the reason for the drill being highly portable for users.

While the soft n comfy handle grip gives the user a firm grasp on the drill during work and eliminates the danger of slipping due to any reason.

Regarding extra features, the Porter-Cable corded drill is integrated with many features. There is a lock-on button for easier control over the drill during prolonged use.

A handy-dandy belt clip to carry the drill along with you. And lastly, there is LED light for ease of usage in dark spaces.

As for warranty, the company honors its customers with a 3-year limited warranty. Plus, there is a 1-year free service and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • 3-years limited warranty
  • 1-year free contract service
  • 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Soft and easy-to-use handle grip
  • Mighty drill with plenty of torque
  • Belt clip holder for secure drilling
  • VSR triggering from 0 to 2500 RPM
  • Perfectly controlled with the lock-on button
  • Sturdy 6.5 A motor suitable for demanding jobs
  • Easy to replace drill bits with 3/8 in keyless chuck
  • Well-ventilated for continuous operation for a longer time
  • The power cord length is not enough
  • The chuck becomes stuck and won’t get tight
  • Abrupt speed variations due to sensitive trigger
  • Sometimes the drill bit stays loose and does not lock

Metabo D10VH2 / Hitachi 3/8 Corded Drill With Keyless Chuck Drill Design [Best Corded Drill For Home Use]

The D10VH2 Hitachi corded drill now known as Metabo HPT is made with a superior design to its predecessor models. It offers stronger bit holding because of its all-metal and durable keyless 3/8 keyless chuck.

The robust 7-Amp motor with 117 in-lbs torque and up to 2700 RPM is ideal to be used for the toughest jobs in metal and wood.

For precise operation, the variable speed trigger feature is there. By engaging the lock-on button, you can keep doing the job conveniently without any fatigue.

There is an easy-to-access forward and reverse button to disengage the bit in a brisk time.

To have a tight grip on the drill, it has a rubber over-molded handle that facilitates and improves the control over making holes.

Also, the belt hook on the top lets you store it conveniently between different job locations.

Its compact body design can fit in cramped spaces, while its lightweight eases your work without any fatigue. Burden free weight of 3.3 lbs won’t make you feel exhausted even for longer work time.

  • 5-years limited warranty
  • Very high RPM of 2700
  • Smooth variable triggering
  • The handle fits the hands well
  • It has a fully metallic key chuck
  • Its powerful motor has a rating of 7A
  • Cheaper in price with 5 years warranty
  • Extremely lightweight to minimize exhaustion
  • All gears are also metallic, so there is little chance for the radial or axial play in the chuck
  • The chuck may get loose for hard jobs
  • The power cord is stiff and not much lengthy
  • It generates a scrappy and rattling noise when activated without a load

DWE1014 Dewalt 3/8 Corded Drill with Keyed Chuck Design [Best Corded Drill With Keyed Chuck]

DWE1014 Dewalt corded drill has a robust and powerful motor with a higher rating of 7A that can deliver up to 2800 RPM. The huge RPM provides sufficient power to get finish your work smoothly and timely.

The 3/8-inch chuck needs a key to tighten it and can make holes at varying speeds. With the variable trigger control mechanism, you can have versatility and adaptability according to the nature of the drilling task.

Once you find out the right speed for the assigned drilling job, you can engage the lock-on switch. It will not only reduce your fatigue but also make you hassle-free in maintaining the drill speed.

A firm grip handle ensures the consistent and smooth transfer of power from shoulder to hand and hand to the rotating drill bit.

Low dimensions make it easy to pick up and carry to any job site. The duo of compactness and lightweight design provides a longer working time without any physical exhaustion.

  • 3-years limited warranty
  • Smaller footprint and lighter weight
  • 7 Amp motor delivers the highest 2800 RPM
  • Versatile changing speed trigger control
  • A powerful drill comes at an economical price
  • Lock-on switch for maintaining bit speed and reducing exertion
  • The trigger control is not smooth
  • The handle is somewhat mislocated
  • Bit changing hassle due to keyed chuck
  • Lesser room for gripping the handle properly

My Personal Recommendation

I’ll be really happy when you choose the drill that suits your need. Since I am a garage owner and this time I want a keyless chuck I’ll be going with the DWD115K DeWalt Corded Drill.

It has a balanced price with high Amps all features I need for my woodworking and DIY projects.

My Previous model looked like the DWE1014 Dewalt 3/8 Corded Drill which you can see in the pictures.

That drill according to my experience suitable for drilling into hardwood due to the strong durable keyed metal chuck.

Best Corded Drill For Woodworking FAQs

Q: What is the best corded drill brand?

Ans: Below are the best corded drill brands:
1. Black & Decker
2. Dewalt
3. Metabo/Hitachi
4. Porter Cable
5. Makita
6. Craftsman
7. Bosch
8. Ryobi
10. Milwaukee

Q: How to choose a corded drill For Woodworking?

Ans: Below are the main factors that you need to look for when choosing the best corded drill for woodworking:
1. RPM – Rotation Speed
2. AMPs – Motor Power
3. Variable Speed Reversible (VSR)
4. Chuck (Durability, Size, Type)
5. Body & Grip Design
6. Durability
7. Size & Weight
8. Accessories
9. Warranty

Q: What Is The Best Corded Drill For Woodworking?

Ans: Here is a list of top rated corded drills:
1. DeWalt DWD115K
2. Black & Decker DR260C
3. Porter Cable PC600D
4. Metabo/Hitachi D10VH2
5. DeWalt DWE1014

Q: How many amps does a corded drill use?

Ans: The rule of thumb is more the voltage the heavier the drill. Thus, the corded drills are measured in Amps that can go up from 5 Amps to 10.5 Amps.

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