Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor To Make Your Job Easy 2021

Why You Should Choose Porter Cable PXCMF220VW?

“Time is Money” as the Quote speaks itself… What’s really important is to save your time and money. So, following the quote, I am giving you “My Personal Recommendation” on the best 20 gallon air compressor. Based on our deep analysis, and hard research, the Porter Cable PXCMF220VW is overall best due to its high power, enhanced durability, low voltage startup, and much more. Plus, the big thing is that it’s cheaper than others.

We are living in the age of machines and the tasks that we are helpless to do these buddies are the ones to complete for us. And amazingly they not only do the job on time but also in an accurate way.

The air compressor is one of the machines which help us in a variety of routine tasks. Ranging from lighter to heavier work, such as bolting, screwing, inflation, etc. Thus, these compressors make our job easier.

And today I’ll be shedding light on of their kind “the best 20 gallon air compressors”. Now, these beasts are a combination of higher raw power, rock-hard durability, jaw-dropping performance, and portable size for ease in movement.

They are specially built for serious people like you and us. Those who have to do some serious heavy-duty work and they don’t hesitate to use power-hungry tools to make your work epic and you as a professional.

And you know and I know that the market out there is seriously serious, and screaming with a vast variety of 20 gallon air compressors. And that becomes a challenge in itself to select the upright one.

So, to clear up that challenge below is our ultimate buying guide. It’ll help you compare and short-list the right compressor according to your needs, tools, and job as well.

Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor [Year] [Buying Guide]

There are certain factors that play a very important role in the efficient working of your tool. So, the below points will clear the fog in your mind about what to look for in a desired best 20 gallon air compressor.

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

It is a measure of how fast and how much air is supplied by the compressor to the pneumatic tool. Thus higher CFM results in a higher volume of air output at maximum speed.

The reason I consider CFM as the 1st important factor is because a huge range of tools demands a large amount of air at an astonishing speed to work precisely.


The noise level plays an important factor especially using the product indoors. The noise level also depends on the type of pump and its design in a compressor.

For hassle-free working, you should use a quiet air compressor with a tolerable range. Another way is to apply tips to make your air compressor quieter.

In this way, you’ll avoid getting to the bad side of the neighbors and also have a peaceful shop just for your dear customers.

Tank Size

The tank or gallon size determines the volume of gas enclosed in the cylinder for a longer period of operation.

The higher capacity means extended tool working time and less frequent refilling. Thus, ultimately results in time-saving and makes your work faster.

Space & Portability

Mobility of the compressor within the site and from site to site is essential to the job. Thus a smaller footprint and lower weight along with the wheels make the equipment perfectly portable.


Durability may depend on the design and the quality of material used in the vital parts of the product. Enhanced durability means a longer lifespan, frequent use with accurate, consistent, and tough performance.

Oiled Vs Oil-Less

If I were to talk about oiled vs oil-less compressors both have their benefits and flaws depending on the usage and requirements.

Oil-free has the advantages of maintenance less, cost-free, and easy to clean. While oiled compressor has advantages of the noise-free, longer life of pump at tough jobs.


Despite all benefits and advantages, the budget factor still retains its importance. Thus before pressing the big buy button compare the benefits and cost of the compressor. The final satisfied selection will be made only when both factors get balanced.

Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews [In 2021]

Here we are in our reviews section. We did deep research, customer review analysis, and team debate to hand out these best 20 gallon air compressors.

List of Best 20 Gallon Air Compressors

Porter Cable PXCMF220VW 20 Gallon Air Compressor [Best Over All]

4.8 / 5.0

Meet the dream team of heavy-duty and long-life induction motors and pumps. During the non-stop functioning, both ensure reliable performance.

The powerful drive induction motor features high-quality winding with an output of 1.5 HP. Low starting torque and low-voltage start-up are the plus points too.

The tough Twin-V cast iron pump provides air delivery of 4 CFM at 90 PSI and 5 CFM at 40 PSI. A max of 150 PSI with the vertically positioned 20 gallons.

The pump is oil-free, thus you don’t need to check or refill the oil. No pulleys and belts confirm the maintenance-free.

The vertical body with a 7-inch rubber wheel for convenient job site mobility. Rubber feet stabilize the up-right still position of 97 lbs. weighted tank.

What I think is amazing about Porter is its weight. That’s why I consider it the best 20 gallon portable air compressor because of its lightweight design compared to others.

The compressor endures the pump and motor with a protective casing. The advantage of it protects the working components such as regulators and gauges.

The combination of the bearable noise level of 84 dB and toxic chemical-free makes it perfect for indoor use.

The additional features include a pressure switch with an on/off, tank pressure gauge. Moreover, the pressure relief valve for fast and full tank draining is worth a lot.

It is a balanced product when the features and cost are considered. The best 20 gallon air compressor for the money. Great support for the folks with low-budget capacity.


  • Takes less space
  • Cheaper than others
  • UL / CSA Certified unit
  • Quicker pressure buildup
  • Casing protection for vital elements
  • Doesn’t require belts/pulleys to maintain
  • Compact, handy design for easy transport
  • 7-Inch durable wheels for faster movement
  • Longer tool runtime for power-hungry tools
  • Oil-less design means minimal maintenance
  • Low voltage start-up minimizes current draw


  • A bit noisy
  • Parts assembly issue
  • Heat dissipation is not good

Dewalt 20 gallon air compressor dXCMPA1982054 [With Highest CFM]

4.7 / 5.0

The compressor has a heavy-duty dual voltage induction motor of 1.9 RHP for higher efficiency. Thus ensure trouble-free operation leads to drive high pump performance.

As standard, it is assembled and plugged into a 120-volt outlet. It can also be converted for a 240-volt application by a skilled electrician. The dual voltage feature makes it a perfect solution for versatile tasks. It is ideal to accomplished the jobs performed in the house as well as in the workshop.

What I admire about DeWalt 20 gallon air compressor is its beastly CFM strength. Packed with 7.0 CFM at 40 psi and 5.7 CFM at 90 psi and up to 155 PSI maximum operating pressure which is perfect for longer air tool run times.

This industry-leading air compressor is made for the optimal tool performance for the DIY user, professional, or contractor. As well as ideal for high-consumption air tools such as nail guns, paint sprayers, sanders, and more.

The oil-lubricated air compressor is a single-stage and V-twin cast iron pump. The 1-piece cast iron crankcase design makes it thermally stable and more durable. Make it tough at job-sites and designed for the professional.

Shipped with the best synthetic air compressor oil for its noise-less oil-lubricated pump ensure hassle-free operation.

The oil level sight glass for checking the amount of oil consumes during the pump operation. It also makes the easy and clean refilling of oil by the quick access to the refilling spot.

There is rapid access to the high flow regulator, tank, and tool pressure gauge. A quick-connect air outlet and On-Off switch are also easy to reach.

The plus features are automotive-style ball bearings and durable Swedish stainless steel reed valves. All these onboard features make usage easier and hassle-free.

Additionally a 12” cast iron balanced flywheel for maximum functioning and convenience. For removing jammed and stubborn nuts and bolts, higher torque is needed. The high flow regulator supplies 20% more torque for tough tasks like mentioned above.

As far as price is concerned, it is at the higher end. But keep in mind that the quality and outstanding features always come at a higher price.

Plus, there is a 2-year warranty for the pump and a 1-year warranty for all other parts.


  • Fast pressure building
  • Dual voltage conversion
  • Packed with synthetic oil
  • The tank is ASME Certified
  • Durable and leak-proof design
  • Exceptionally quiet performance
  • Swedish stainless steel reed valves
  • 20 % higher torque for tough tasks
  • Quick on-board access to gauges & regulators


  • Pricy
  • Leakage occurs, but a few times
  • Not shipped with filter accessory
  • Draw high current, thus high power consumption

NorthStar Single-Stage Portable 20 Gallon Air Compressor [best With Highest HP]

4.1 / 5.0

Now, this Northstar 20 gallon air compressor has a powerful 2HP induction motor. This motor runs at 3440 RPM with a low amp draw for easier starts.

The motor has dual voltage selection depending on the region to be equipped and use. Although it comes wired for 115V, 15A. But, can be re-wired for 230 V, 7.5A operation by a qualified electrician.

The compressor is engineered with a heavy-duty and durable 2-cylinder cast iron V-twin pump. It has the ability to delivers 5.0 CFM @ 90 PSI; 6.0 CFM @ 40 PSI. On the other hand, the 6 ft cord with a plug eases the power connectivity.

Heat and moisture are the strong enemies for the proper functioning of the machine. They also reduce the longevity of the machine to a great extent. Thus to prevent them, it is designed in such a way to operate flawlessly and smoothly.

The V-style cylinder is oriented to eliminate hotspots and ensure consistent cooling. Thus resulting in the long life of the pump. Copper finned inter and after-coolers, cast iron heads shape in a way to dissipate heat excellently.

Oil-lubricated pump driven by belt runs without making noise and delivers long pump life. That also means that there is much less compressor noise in the job site such as shops, garages, etc.

ASME certified 20-gallon tank built tough for commercial use and can deliver max 135 PSI. The air capacity is adequate for home and automotive repairs. Air ratchet, impact wrench, siphon feed sandblaster, nibbler, nailers, airbrush, touch-up spray gun, etc. are a few to mention.

The chance of breakdown of the compressor during the operation is very less. One should not need to worry about it at all. It is engineered with superior technology for long service life. For less wear and tear and durable support, bearings are placed on both ends of the pump’s crankshaft.

Space-saving and portability go side by side, as they demand a smaller footprint in common. The vertical design, a portability kit ensuring space-saving. Plus the smooth-rolling steel ball-bearing wheels and no-flat tire enhanced portability. Easy to transport within the project site or to another workplace.

Since machines of any kind need repair and maintenance. The NorthStar thus provides superior after-sale Service and Support. Help is a phone call and emails away. While trained and professional technical staff fixes all repairs on the site.

All the excellent features are available at a reasonable price. Make it appealing for the purchaser for the final selection.


  • Long power cord
  • Belt driven pump
  • ASME certified tank
  • Low oil consumption
  • Dual voltage selection
  • Brilliant Service and Support
  • Excellent heat dissipation design
  • Low ampere draw for a quick start
  • Long life span because of oiled pump
  • Engineered for durability and tough jobs
  • Built-in regulator for air pressure to air tools


  • Drain valve positioned unwell
  • Regular maintenance is needed for oil refilling
  • The pressure regulator is of moderate quality

Industrial Air 20 Gallon Air Compressor IL1682066.MN [Well Balanced Product]

4.4 / 5.0

It is equipped with a heavy-duty dual voltage induction motor. It means it can be operated for both 120V and 240V. Although it is factory-wired with 120V but can also be converted for 240V. A power convenient option for the customer.

It has safe and handy onboard controls to the necessary and frequent use parts. The tank and tool pressure gauges, quick connect air outlet are easy to access. Also on-off switch, quick-set regulators are accessible without any trouble.

The compressor is engineered for tough jobs. Perfectly used at the mechanic shop, service truck, and livestock operation. The components are strong enough to withstand wear and tear under tough and challenging conditions.

The high-performance dual voltage induction motor can drive trouble-free pump performance. The heavy-duty motor provides 1 HP, electrically powered at 120V. It ensures optimized performance and efficiency.

Thermally stable cast iron, V-twin cylinder, oil-lubricated pump with drive belt technology deliver maximum pressure ratings of 135 PSI. The UL and CSA-certified pump provides 5.3 CFM at 90 PSI and 6.2 CFM at 40 PSI.

The 20-Gallon ASME portable tank is equipped with pneumatic tires for maximum portability. A small footprint for space-saving. Front handles offer easy mobility to the various job sites and within the work area.

The other included benefit that makes it worth is that it is designed with a one-piece cast iron crankcase, aluminum head. A machined cast iron valve plate and a 10-Inch cast iron balanced flywheel are of added value.

Moreover, the combination of stainless steel reed valves, quick-set regulator, tank, and working pressure gauges provides accurate control of pressure. Plus the quick connect air outlet and on/off switch at the right location ensure its ease of use.

The oil-lubrication pump ensures trouble-free and smooth working. And don’t forget the synthetic air compressor oil that is coming along with the compressor.

For the oil level, you can have a sight glass to know at the right time for oil refilling. A hassle-free and easily accessible oil filling point makes the refilling trouble-free.

The product is less pricy and can be shortlisted if features and prices are compared with the others. Plus, there is a 2-year limited warranty


  • ASME Certified tank
  • Very quiet operation
  • Shipped with synthetic oil
  • CSA Listed and UL Certified
  • Dual-voltage induction motor
  • Pneumatic wheels for mobility
  • Automotive-style ball bearings
  • Less vibration during operation
  • On-board controls for quick setup
  • Designed for faster heat dissipation


  • It’s a relatively heavy unit
  • Main pully belt misaligned
  • Heat is not properly dissipated

My Personal Recommendation

In the end, if you ask me about my choice, I’ll love to buy the Porter-Cable PXCMF220VW. Comes with a lot of power, enhanced durability, low voltage startup, and much more. Plus, the big thing is that it’s cheaper than others.

On the other hand, the DeWalt DXCMPA1982054 has the highest CFM compared to other compressors which make it unique in that aspect. Hmmm, not only that but, further is a 2 and 1-year warranty for the pump and all other compressor parts.

NorthStar Single-Stage is phenomenal in its own right. Because of the highest HP compared to other compressors. Plus, a vast number of power tools it can run.

The Industrial IL1682066.MN is not that unique but, a well-balanced product with its warranty, free compressor oil, and moderate price.

Porter-Cable PXCMF220VW grants cheesy benefits and is cheaper as well. It’s a well worth companion which can stand with you.

Best 20 Gallon Air Compressor FAQs

Q: What is the best 20 gallon air compressor?

Ans: Below are the best 20 gallon air compressors:
Porter Cable PXCMF220VW
DeWalt DXCMPA1982054
NorthStar Single-Stage Portable
Industrial Air IL1682066.MN

Q: What CFM for 20 gallon air compressor?

Ans: Mostly, the 20 gallon air compressors have a 4 to 7 CFM range.

Q: How long can a 20 gallon air compressor tank last?

Ans: These 20 gallon air compressors have a really long lifespan. With a continuous work of 40,000 to 60,000 hours and in our language that is 15 to 20 years or even goes up to 30 years. It also depends upon the frequent usage and how much maintenance chore you do.

Q: How long does a 20 gallon air compressor take to fill?

Ans: Well, with the tank size like these compressors. It should take roundabout 5 minutes for the tank to completely refill.

Q: What can I do with 20 gallon air compressor?

Ans: Compressors like these are best for use in DIYer projects, in big garages, doing heavy woodworking jobs, or running large tools like wrenches, etc.

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