Best Cordless Tire Inflator For [Powerful Inflation 2021]

In A Hurry !

Well, if you in a hurry, got no spare time, and just want to know which is the best cordless tire inflator. Then I’d recommend the Black and Decker Tire Inflator 20V Max as the best companion.

A few years back, there was a market for hand or foot-operated tire inflators. It was a tough job to inflate the tires with them. The person that air-up the tire with them gets huff in the end. The strife is doubled, labor to blow up the tire and labor to breathe.

I would like to share my story when I was young and my father bought a bicycle for me. There was a hand pump installed in it with the center rod. I remember striving to air up the tire when needed in hot summers. It was indignation to perform such a tedious and exhausting exercise in the burning sun.

The invention of the small air compressors has reduced that same physical effort that I endured very much. Also, the foot inflators are considered as the tools of the past and are now being used quite less.

Plug in the unit and get the compressed air for a lot of applications including tire inflation. Yet, these buddies lack portability and are hard to carry in the low transport vehicles. Also, it is almost impossible to carry them for the possible need for inflating during the journey.

However, their juniors bros, the cordless inflators conquer this difficulty. They are engineered specially for the small inflatables with great portability features. You can fetch and carry easily even on the bicycle. No need for a wall socket or AC power source. The installed battery provides enough backup to get your job done without any exertion.

😇 Before, I move to the buying guide. I was really concerned and mentioning this minor problem with you.

The Problem!

Many folks just mix up both cordless tire inflator and cordless air compressors. Both are of the air compressor family but, there are differences that should be kept in mind.

That’s why we have separated them in two categories. So, you’ll be far away from the confusion.

Best Cordless Tire Inflator [Buying Guide 2021]

Now, there is a broad range of tire inflators salable in the market. Your time is precious and a visit is worthwhile. Keeping these in view we render simple words about a few best cordless tire inflators for you in this buying guide.

Let’s review some important points which should be kept in mind before purchasing any cordless inflator. These listed below key factors will guide you to look out for the perfect match for you.

PSI Rating

The know-how about the PSI rating will help buy the inflator. It is related to the quantity of airpower deliver to the tire at a time.

In the case of tires, the PSI value set for inflation depends on the type of vehicle, wheels, and temperature. Usually, most of the inflators in the market have an automatic shut-off feature at the given PSI input.

For tires demanding greater pressure, you will need an inflator with high PSI ratings.

Inflating Time

The inflation time or the run time is also an important factor to consider while purchasing the inflator. This is mainly related to the duty cycle of the inflator. Greater the duty cycle you can have longer run time. The tools with lower duty cycles will heat up quickly if run for a long period. You have to turn them off to let them cool.

The run time also depends on the battery strength, how long it can provide power to continue the inflating process. The combined set of both duty cycle and battery backup will evaluate the run time.

Auto Shut-Off Mechanism

The auto shut-off mechanism simply allows your intervention to set up the desired PSI value. Then the process continues on its own. The inflator keeps inflating up to the pre-set value. Once the desired level is attained, inflation stops automatically. There is nothing to worry about and even it won’t require your presence. The tire remains safe and sound as this process won’t over-inflate or burst the tires.

Noise Level

Portable inflators are prone to noise according to their size and application. You will feel resentment when you are leaning to blow up the tire and the pump start rumbling during the inflation.

The loudness beyond the level your ears can withstand will distract and irritate you despite their performance. Be sure to single out the product that generates noise within an acceptable range.


The cordless inflators are usually lightweight and compact in size. Therefore, they are easy to carry anywhere for the sake of a possible emergency that arises on the way.

Some are designed to fit in the palm, and some are designed to stay on feet. However, both builds are handy and portable, and you can conveniently place them on the seat or dickey of the car.

Price and Warranty

The reasonable price with a warranty package is an attractive blend for the buyer. However, you should be a bit flexible while buying the inflator. On the whole, it’s your ultimate choice whether you prefer a low-budget unit or you don’t want to compromise quality features over cost.

The warranty offer is like a bonus for you. Priority should be given to quality and durability along with a cool price. The buyers usually show aversion to the products with big bucks.

Best Cordless Tire Inflator Reviews [In 2021]

Now we are going to start our journey and go through the specs of the selectees. We have selected out 5 best cordless tire inflators.

List of Best Cordless Tire Inflator

Below is the list for you to get a quick look at.

NoBest Cordless Tire InflatorVolts
01BLACK and DECKER Tire Inflator 20V Max (Tool Only)20 Volt
02DEWALT Cordless Tire Inflator 20v Max (Tool Only)20 Volt
03Oasser Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator12 Volt
04Milwaukee Electric Tools Cordless Tire Inflator12 Volt
05Ryobi Cordless Tire Inflator P737 18-Volt18 Volt

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator Tool Only BDINF20C (My Personal Recommendation)

This is a multi-purpose and versatile tool which can cope with inflation requirement wherever desired. It can be powered up with any of the three power sources available. 12V DC when you are on the road, 20V battery when in the courtyard, and 120V AC plug-in option when inside the home.

With its high PSI rating, it can provide a high volume of air to larger inflatables such as air mattresses and rafts. While it inflates the tires and sports balls quickly with its high-pressure output. A deflate function is also available that quickly empties the air for faster clean-up.

For your convenience, it is equipped with a digital pressure gauge that is used to view the current pressure and adjust the target pressure.

An automatic shutoff system that stops the unit when the set pressure is achieved. Peace of mind for you as you won’t need any external gauge for pressure checking manually.

The inflator comes at a reasonable price and is backed by 2 years limited warranty. The shipping package contains one each of the ball needle, Presta valve adapter, small inflatable, and large volume hose. Of course, the Bdinf20 inflator is also included.


  • 2 years warranty offer
  • Compact and smart design
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • The deflating option run very well
  • Works fine in the cold temperature
  • Features automatic shut-off at the desired pressure
  • Include all necessary accessories for inflating different tires
  • Nothing to worried about indoor or outdoor because of a three-way power
  • Can power up on either direct AC, the battery of car cigarette lighter adapter


  • A bit loud
  • Battery is not included
  • The battery needs to be charged very often
  • Malfunctioning complaints when on battery


DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only DCC020IB (Runner Up)

DeWalt is one of the industry-leading manufactures of power tools. The company owns a wide range of versatile and durable equipment. The Cordless Tire Inflator DCC020IB is also one on that huge list.

Durable and versatile to be used in any job site or on the go with the trio power sources. You can power it up with any of three sources 20V battery, 12V DC or 110V AC.

There are a durable rubber hose and digital gauge for high-pressure handling. When the set pressure is reached, the auto shut-off system stops the inflation process.

Easy to inflate the wide range of vehicles from tires to sports balls with the threaded chuck and on-board accessories.

With the push of a button, the high-volume hose quickly inflates the mattresses and other inflatables. It can be moved to deflate mode to let out the air quickly from an inflatable object to collapse.

Integrated on-board LED light is used for illuminating the dark surroundings. The rubber feet on the base absorb vibrations and reduce movement during operation.

Hesitantly telling you that it is not a pocket-friendly mate as it is the most expensive product on the list. Another shocking info is that despite its high cost. The battery charger, AC power cord, and adapter are sold separately. You can call this a budget-hungry beast.


  • Fast deflate mode
  • Best for high flow and high pressure
  • All the accessories are stored onboard
  • Powerful battery provides greater backup
  • LED light for use in an emergency at night
  • 3-way power for home, in the car, and yards
  • Large diameter blower hose for high volume
  • Assorted attachments for inflating a variety of objects
  • Precise digital gauge to shut-off air at the predetermined PSI


  • A bit on the pricier side
  • It is difficult to connect with the hose
  • You have to buy the AC adapter separately
  • Power cord and battery charger not included
  • Adjusted PSI reset every time when achieved


Oasser Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator (Best Budget Buddy)

When you are on the road very often, you may face some embarrassment during the journey. As time goes by or due to temperature, the pressure in the tires gets lowered. It also leads to higher consumption of fuel.

At that moment the rechargeable Oasser mini 12v inflator is like the friend in need is a friend indeed that fix your issues on the spot. No worries, no tension when this small compressor is your journey mate.

The mini body tool is fitted with a high-capacity rechargeable battery of 2000 mAh. It is powered up with any dual voltage, 110V AC for plug into the home socket, and 12 V DC for car charging with Cigar Lighter cable. It also supports fast charging but it is not recommended to activate the pump during charging.

It has built-in voltage protection that automatically cuts off the power when the voltage becomes too low. It also prevents the full discharging of the battery when not in use for a long time.

The LCD digital pressure gauge with presets to ensure precise and accurate delivery as per the need of the tire. Also, the LCD of the pressure gauge is backlit, which helps in reading the display at the night.

On the display, 2 optional units for pressure output are shown as PSI, BAR, KPA kg/cm². When the preset pressure is achieved, the pump automatically stops inflation.

Another ingenious feature that is extremely beneficial at night is the LED flashlight. The 8 LED super bright light beads can be operated by a separate switch for a convenient pump during a night emergency.

The maximum pressure of 120 PSI with a team of nozzles and adapters can easily inflate the sports balls, swimming rings, and inflatable toys. It can also blow-up small vehicles such as cars, bicycles, and motorcycles.

Insulated silicone protection with an anti-scalding design prevents overheating during pumping.

Compact design with a comfortable grip makes it easy to carry and place anywhere. Its mini electric pump assembles to make it the smallest portable inflatable pump.

The company launches its product at a very reasonable cost along with 1-year product service support with a product refund offer.

Novice users can follow the given instructions for using accessories and battery charging.


  • Product return offer
  • 2-way power source
  • Fast charging support
  • Low voltage usage protection
  • Ergonomic handle grip design
  • High-pressure rating of 120 PSI
  • Backlit LCD digital pressure gauge
  • Blow-up easily the small inflatables
  • The powerful battery of 2000 mAh rating
  • An LED flashlight helps to inflate in the dark
  • Anti-scalding design to prevent overheating
  • Automatically stops inflation at the preset value
  • Product support or you can return it within one year


  • Heat up on few inflations
  • Slow to air-up the objects
  • Not recommended for full-flat tires
  • May not perform well during fast charging
  • It turns off on heating, wait for cool to get into operation again


Milwaukee Electric Tools 2475-20 M12 Compact Inflator

This smart inflator is designed to fulfill the most-wanted applications of a variety of vehicles. The m12™ handy inflator ensures ultimate power and strength. With its highly efficient team of pump and motor, it can deliver true 120 PSI.

Fastest cordless inflator that top off a car tire in less than a minute at 28 – 35 PSI. While it can fill up the truck tire within 4 minutes at 30 – 45 PSI.

Its branded truefill™ auto shut-off technology permits accurate pressure throughput. It also provides protection from over-temperature and over-filling. The truefill™ system senses the filling speed for precise output and automatically shut-off at the desired PSI level.

The compact m12™ inflator is easy to carry and allows speedy and accurate inflation wherever needed.

A large backlit LCD to easily read the settings and an illuminated digital gauge for reading the adjusted and current pressure.

Includes a wide hose along with the Schrader chuck made of brass. All the vital components are assembled in weather and impact-resistant cage fitted with anti-vibration feet.

The compact inflator is available in the compact budget. Rush to hit the buy button for the dashing product.


  • Fastest to inflate tires
  • Compact and portable
  • Large hose for high volume
  • Easy to grip and lightweight
  • Easy to read LCD with backlit
  • Come with all necessary attachments
  • Powerful enough to deliver true 120 PSI
  • The body can withstand impact and weather
  • Digital gauge light up to view and set the pressure
  • Anti-vibration feet to prevent moving during pumping
  • Engineered with truefill™ technology that turns off inflation automatically


  • Overheat when on batteries
  • The charger is not included in the package
  • Neither have the option to power up on AC
  • Nor do it has the car cigarette plug-in


Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator Power Tool Only

Before I go to the Ryobi P737 review, as a tool bud I’ll just mention that Ryobi is one of the most powerful renowned companies. They have a pretty serious number of tools in their arsenal manufactured worldwide.

Their ONE+ system ranges from saws, fans, sprayer kits, leaf blowers, batteries, chargers, drills n drive kits, compressors, inflators, etc. Not to mention the different versions each tool has. Now, let’s come to the task at hand.

The Ryobi’s P737 inflator is a compact yet powerful cordless inflator. You won’t need any other bulky and expensive units to fulfill your job.

It is connected to the Ryobi ONE+ renowned battery system. The duet of inflators with a battery saves precious time and will accompany you for years.

The ergonomic pistol grip handle design boasts its portability. You can conveniently strip this smart little junior to your bicycle or can easily place it in the rear of your lorry.

Smart and powerful enough to inflate the tires of most demanding vehicles such as bikes, cars, and trucks. It can also be used for small inflatables like kiddie pools and sports equipment present around the house.

It is equipped with 2 high-pressure nozzles, a needle for sports items, and an on-board pressure gauge to maintain pressure accuracy. The nozzles and bits are stored in a compartment at the base of the unit for your convenience.

Being the least expensive on the list makes your purchase extra smart and lively.


  • Handy and portable
  • Cheapest at the price
  • Durable and powerful inflator
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Include all essential accessories
  • Storage partition for accessories
  • Ability to an air-up variety of inflatables
  • Installed with ONE+ battery mechanism


  • No auto-shutoff feature
  • There is no digital gauge
  • Do not include battery and charger
  • A momentary switch, you have to keep it pressing to continue the inflation process


My Personal Recommendation

Now it’s the time for the final verdict about the right candidate for you. Guess! What would I single out for you?

Or allow me to solve the riddle and let you know the champ. To me, I would pick out “Black and Decker Tire Inflator“. It’s the ace product with a balanced blend of budget and features.

And if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then Oasser Portable Mini Air Inflator is also a good option. On the other hand, Black and Decker are securing you with a 2 Years warranty. So, that one is suitable for me and my car.

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